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He’s awol again

Son 25 re packed a bag during week even put slippers in.
He came in last night gave us hug said I love you Mum. I said hope you not planning going away, he said I might have to.

Today hubby and I went out for an hr son still in bed when we went. Cane back and he’s taken back four key and just gone! Bag is gone . Meds are here!

He’s been trusted on oral meds for three weeks just and he’s left them here.
He was doing a lot of walking around during the night , more than usual.
He did this about 6 weeks ago but came back after a day, had enough clothes for a week or two.
I’ve rang his CPN . Disappointed again , it’s the uncertainty that is so tough.

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So sorry and what a load of worry for you and your husband! Really hoping he comes back right away, does he go to just walk or do you think he has destination in mind? Realty hate to hear he didn’t take the meds after being good about them for 3 weeks.

Oh Jane57!


Thanks hope, last time he got a train to scotland ( 90 mins away) Im from scotland originally, he sat in a 24 hour mcD and drank coffee then came home, with a full packed bag.
This time I know he has been stressing over the last few days saying he has to learn to read peoples minds, and for some reason he says that drugs (not meds) will help him do that, he has it into his head for some reason, he never did drugs before.

Unless he plans just one night away in his mind that would be ok as he could take the med tomorrow, but he took clothes, clothes that he rarely even wears.
He had a bag packed in his room for 5 weeks after coming back from his grandparents, I unpacked it a few weeks ago, he was fine never said a word.
My heart sank on wed evening when going into his room seen that another bag was packed. Slippers in there too ! oh and he ate the 1 december chocolate out of his advent calendar too! random I know but its crazy!


I think we never know whether their thoughts are a spur of the moment random thought or a part of a plan.

Really hoping that just eating one chocolate out of the advent calendar means this adventure will be short.

This is so difficult for you. I know that many of us will have you in our thoughts until he returns home.

My son grew some sort of mushrooms years ago because he believed they would make him feel better. He won’t take an anti-psychotic, but he will grow and eat a mushroom.


Just makes my heart hurt that he packed his slippers.


I know, me too, I just said to him a day or so ago, that he is well looked after by people who love him, he has no money worries, and a comfortable home. He knows this though, i can see in his face he does, but something else is stronger that knowing that right now, thanks hope .


Thank you Hope, Its so bizarre isnt it , hope your son is doing ok right now.


Its beyond bizarre. While we were peeking around the other night trying to figure out in the dark what was going on at his place with all the loud popping - can you imagine if he had seen us with all his worries about us watching him?? My husband and I shuttling around in the dark whispering like we were planning a “recon” mission.

The things we do. Mine just texted asking me to shut up. I really do appreciate that he didn’t ask me to shut the f up. Its the little things that count sometimes.

Please, let’s have your son back home soon.


He returned last night, I was n bed, my phone rang . Said with held number, it’s him, asking can I open back door for him as my key was in from the inside.

Large as life , arrogant he comes in with his bag, doesn’t have to tell me where he’s been , he’s 26 , he can do what he wants… why do I let the mental health team “bully” me into watching him is it so they can kidnap him . Same stuff again.

I ask why did he take a bag with all the stuff, he replied he was going to stay away but the “opportunity didn’t arise for him” wouldn’t say what that meant.

I went back to bed, he did soon after and never heard a thing all night. He didn’t walk around, he didn’t get up and down for drinks, food, he slept all night as far as I am aware.
So another day be comes. Thanks hope .


Jane 67, I’m so glad your son came back. Thanks Hope for being there for Jane during that awful uncertainty. My house is quiet again and the world is at peace. I think I’ll try to go back to sleep.


This was good news to wake up to this morning. Did you get a good night’s sleep too? You are very welcome Jane57 - thanks for letting us know right away.


Thanks hope, all isn’t good, his aggression is back, he’s pushed hubby after screaming at his face, he’s acccused our GP of being a pornstar and wanting him for the sex trade, his aggression is back.

Now I haven’t seen him take tablets , as I said he’s been “on” them three weeks , we trusted him, he screamed he’s taking them, I don’t know as I’ve never seen this level of aggression , anger , blame in 16 months of being on meds. His behaviour today has been reminiscent of pre medication, the aggression, shouted in my face @@@@ you, said we never protected him.

He’s now pacing about upstairs after the screaming match.
He said he wished he had knocks that pyschaitrist out when he had the chance and he is a terrorist etc etc etc. Something isn’t right.

He last had the depot of zuclopenthixol 6 November , he would have had it again 20th November but didn’t as he started 5mg aripiprazole on 10 Nov , then 10mg on 17 Nov then 15 mg since 24 Nov.

So the depot would be put his system, so what if he’s not been taking the aripiprazole, we trusted him, the dr trusted him, we have been naive maybe.

Monday we have to call his CPN. Thanks Hope.


No problem at all Jane57, looks like we both are in for a long weekend. Mine is out there setting off his car alarm over and over. This is a new behavior. I did text and ask him if he was okay. No response of course. Last night he did the yelling thing and was walking around outside listening. Looked like he was trying to figure out where the voices were coming from.


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Aripiprazole is Abilify here in the states. I am not saying this is happening, but anecdotally, I know two people whose family members with SMI became MORE agitated and aggressive on this medication than any other AP. It’s a rare side effect and usually happens in the first month of use.

Has your son ever been prescribed olanzapine or risperdal?


So sorry to hear this.
We didn’t have issues while on Ability, but coming off, and it was not tapered, oh boy, did we see aggression and hatred and a dark side we had not previously seen before.
I wanted to like your post, but that really didn’t feel right. Maybe we need a heart breaking for you icon…

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Of all the leftover medicine, I have more partially full bottles of Abilfy which tells me he was prescribed but had to be hospitalized before he could take the full script or couldn’t take this medicine successfully. In my opinion, it didn’t work for severe psychosis. His doctor said it worked better the longer you were on it but our son would be more agitated on it. I appreciated that it did t make him tired but hat is about the inky good I could see with 10, 15 and 20 mg Abilify.


Interesting you,say this as the new CPN mentioned at the brief meeting, first time met him about this. Hopefully talk about it tomorrow. He was was given risperidone earl days in the hospital. Only for a short time before the depot was decided on while on the community treatment order.


Thank you, sorry you had to,experience that too.
The person he was last night was the person he became when all this first started.

Whereas ok on paliperidone and zuclopenthixol he was different , more at peace with himself.