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Well I'm back - darn it!

Hi All - I was so hopeful. Many of you know my story. My son went off his meds a year ago and moved out last spring and was working. Today I got a text from him asking for $ for rent. He quit his job because he felt threatened at work. He said one of his co-workers said something like - I told you to do xyz and he felt threatened by his body language. And that “I don’t want to get knifed at work”. I said why would you say that - “well, there are a lot of box cutters around”. Which is true there are. But, that seemed like an odd jump.

I’m expecting this to be his disorganized thinking starting again. This time he won’t be living with me as I’ve moved to a new state. Nor could i do it again. Do any of you have long distance sz child not living with you and how do you manage it - 1) for them and 2) for yourself.

I’m sorry for the reason that you’re back, but I always appreciated your posts when you used to be on here.
I hope there are ways that you can help your son from afar. Sending positive thoughts.


Oh @DianeR, yes darn it that you are needing to be back. I don’t really have any advice or suggestions on long distance caregiving. I hope you find the information you need. I’ll be hoping things go well for you and your son.

@Hummingbird @oldladyblue Thank you for your support. @oldladyblue How have you gotten your daughter to stay on her meds. I know they were court ordered. Has her probation come to an end? My son went off about a year ago and it took about 8 months for his symptoms to start appearing again. He quit his job because he felt threatened (his job that paid over $20 an hour). I listened to him about the threat and just empathized. He’s asking for my help financially. I’m going to give it to him if he goes back on the shot. Then I’m trying to use Leap by telling him that I believe his goals are to have a job and live independently and that the shot will help him do that. So stressful.


Yes, on the shot he was able to work successfully and live independently, which was what he wanted. So good to hear from you DianeR, sorry for the reason:(

@hope Thanks! How are you doing? I know if he gets back on the shot he’ll be good to work. I am going out on a limb with the tough love, but it’s got to be done. I’m scared that he will reject it and end up homeless, but I can’t live with him unmedicated nor can he live on his own. Fingers crossed. Then if he goes on it - I am sure he will become estranged until he needs something. So there’s that : /

@DianeR I am good, thanks, my son still gets the occasional new challenge and I try to help when he will let me. Are you all established in your new home is life still good away from Colorado?

Fingers crossed here as well that your son accepts your condition for money. I know how difficult it is when we are trying to negotiate a deal that will work for their good.

omg - so many things have changed.I am glad your son still reaches out to you when in need. Even that small contact helps. I know it will be so hard to have little if no contact with my son.

I am in a new home with the BF/partner. I just couldn’t be alone during these covid times. So we are in FL and I surprisingly like it.

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Yes @DianeR my daughter’s court order for meds is over, it ended only 2 months after it began. But the first month, despite almost not taking the shot, she did, and the 2nd also. By the time the court order ended, she just went every month after that when I took her for her shot. She takes it because it helps her to work.

I’m so glad she is on them and working! I’m hoping the old boy will go back on. : ) because he needs them to work.

How are things going @DianeR ?

Thank you for checking in. I am ok. I haven’t heard from my son, so I am hoping he is managing. We sent some money to him under the guise of Christmas. After this he will have to ask me for help. We’ll see how it all plays out : / I’m hopeful he is managing to work and get by. Here’s to a good 2021!