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Hello please help!professionals read!

We are on a journey to get off Invega sustenna !
My gf is currently on 78mg for 6months now since shot reduction
Yesterday my gf got a new doctor who told us we can go any lower!
That she is on the lowest dosage possible.
I tried to tell her that they make a 39mg dosage but she said she wasn’t going to argue with me.
My gf is doing amazing since shot reduction and we want to keep going on our journey!
Is this mal practice?
What can we do?
I called invega sustenna in which they confirmed with me that they do make the 39mg
They sent the paper work to prove it to my email…
What are the legalities to this situation?
Any professionals here that can aid us on our journey?
The doctor was really rude and suggested we’d go up on the dosage even when there is nothing to demonstrate that she needs to go up which is crazy!!
Any help will very much be appreciated

Hi, I am glad that your gf is doing well on reduced medicine. I can’t comment on meds, as I have limited experience.

This probably is not mal-practice. The definition I found is:

improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official.

The definition doesn’t seem to fit your gf’s situation, or at least not yet, if there was only one meeting with the doctor.

Perhaps you could show the doctor the paperwork (or the assistant) and ask if the doctor would consider the 39mg dose, and if not, why not? (before it is time for the next injection).

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How wonderful your gf is doing so well. 78 mg. is a low dose for persons with SZ. The Invega website said that a “maintenance” dose for a person with SZ is 39 - 234 mg. There are also daily pills a person can take but I don’t know at what dosage levels. How long has she been on the med (at any dose)? How long has it been since her first break (psychotic episode)? As a person with a loved one with SZ, I would not be in a hurry to lower meds when already at such a low dose. I would want to make sure my loved one continued to do well at a certain level. However, each person is different.

It might not be that the doctor is refusing the lower dose, but that he/she does not believe it is in the best interest of the patient.

You have the right to change doctors, but I would call first to see what another doctor might be willing to do. Wishing you the very best in the long-term journey with this illness.

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I’m on 78mg and I have never heard of anybody on 39. I suspect it may be too low of a dose to do any good.

How do you like being on that dosage?

Keep in mind that every person is different. What works for one person may not for another, and vice versa.

It’s okay I would like to be off of it still dont feel emotions because of it.