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Update on our journey.stable

My gf got her invega sustenna shot of 78mg today
She feels a lot better today now that she got it
She was getting really bad dystonia and akathasia that was impairing her quality of life…
She hit a major depression because of the movement disorder…
She was 2 weeks late and we were doing a lot of detoxing:.
She has been tapering off too rapidly it’s been about 8 months now since she got her shot reduction to 78mg
She’s come along way …
I believe we will wait here a while so she doesn’t have to enter hell with the withdrawal symptoms and enjoy her life for a bit…
And take our time on this dose…
We are happy she got her shot today!
We will be celebrating for all the effort tonight!
We have reached a stable period for now!
It will be a while before we get another reduction …
Perhaps we will wait another half year or year…depending if anything changes …
But for now
Getting adjusted at 78mg sounds about right right now


Glad to hear she is able to enjoy life right now.
Definitely carve out some time to create memories together!
Here is to hoping that things get easier in the future!

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