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Medication Cocktail

My 25-year-old son was recently prescribed Invega Sustenna (234 mg injectable), 5 mg of Zyprexa, and 750 mg twice a day of Trileptal. Has anyone’s family member been prescribed this medication cocktail, and if so, please share results. Thank you.

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How is it working for your son? Is he stable? Is it working for him?

Not sure yet, medication just changed yesterday and I am waiting for the pharmacist to deliver the Zyprexa. I will keep you posted.

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My son also just started Invega Sustenna injections a few days ago (wish us luck, as this is our third med trial). I’m wondering why the Zyprexa was added as well? I understand the third med, Trileptal, is for controlling seizures. Was this third med prescribed as a precaution or has your son been experiencing seizure activity? I wish you all luck.

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Trileptal and many other anti-convulsants are mood stabilizers.

I wonder if the zyprexa, taken at night, might help sleep and provide AP benefits as well. My family member is on an injection now after taking zyprexa and did not like it when the sleep assisting benefits of zyprexa were gone.


Are you worried it’s too much medicine? I don’t have experience w this combo w my sz loved one, but as I understand it the injection is only once a month, so maybe the Zyprexa is for breakthrough symptoms. If you are concerned, call and ask the doc for clarification. I would give the prescribed regimen a try,until at least the next doc visit.


My son was on Invega but nothing else. Zyprexa alone worked for him for awhile also and they do get good restorative sleep on it so best to take it at night. I hope it helps your son.

My son appears to be metabolizing the Invega Sustenna too quickly. Because he is non compliant, the psychiatrist don’t want to take him off the monthly injection. After two hospitalizations in one year, the new psychiatrist decided to add a second antipsychotic. The other psychiatrist kept increasing the Trileptal (mood stabilizer) ignoring the psychotic symptoms. So we will see, I hope this adding dose helps.


You can put Trileptal in the search and see other people who this medicine has helped. Hope this helps.

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So your wife and/or daughter is on Invega Sustenna along with Sarcosine. How is that combination working?

OH, they are on so many, I no longer keep up with it, Doc calls it in and I just pay for it all mail order, Their primaries are Seroquel and Saphris… None of it works, just helps.

Do you administer the Invega Sustenna injections yourself, or do you bring the meds somewhere and have someone else do it?

I’m wondering how challenging it is and how to get trained to do this, just in case. I read about someone doing this, but I can’t remember who it was…

Yep, you don’t need training to shoot them in the arm… No big deal. Why pay $300 to some rip off organization to do something so simple…

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Do they allow you to give the shot ? This might be a better solution for my son also.

I am not sure who you are referring to: “they”

Sure, I give them both the shots…

Your wife and daughter?

And you can make sure they are shaken well. Have they ever wasted a shot not allowing an injection?

This might be a better solution all way around.

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Oh OK, yes, shake it good, cost to much to let them do it, I walk in needle ready and say “its time” I don’t argue or waist time about it, in and out… they never give me a problem with it…

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