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Help any advice son 25 has scitzophernia

Any advice greatly appreciated

Hi , yes educate yourself as much as you can . Go to NAMI classes . make sure he has a good psychiatrist to prescribe meds . Be patient , give him love and support , this is a brain disease so remember separate your son from the illness meaning if he hurts you with harsh words its usually the illness . start writing a journal , dates when he was diagnosed , meds doctors and symptoms , you will need this further down the line to relate back to it . This is a horrific disease and i am on the 3rd year with my son and still digesting it all . When did he get diagnosed ? he should have a full examination to make sure nothing else is causing this . Good luck and this is the right site to be on .


He doesn’t believe he has a problem
So medication is a struggle
Really finding this hard

Get him om Clozapine as soon as you can saved my grandsons life. My grandson now works fulltime and has moved out.

Is it safe
Are there side effect if so what are they

My son is 26 and he’s just started using Clozapine a few months ago. He’s been diagnosed Schizophrenia a few years back. This drug helps calm him down. Especially helps him sleep. Try it. It made a world of difference for him.