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Help my brother by Sharing

My brother was dropped off at a shelter two days ago. We found him last night and brought him to our house. He has admitted a couple of times to other people that he hears voices and thinks odd things, like he is King and everyone will do something for him bc he is him. He has recently said he doesnt think anything is wrong with him. So, this is what im asking of you guys. Can yall share some of your stories of phycotic behavior. I want to read some stories to him of other people going through this so maybe he can find some simularities. Please help me help my brother.

Right now im in a delusion where I think that im some kind of angel that God chose to witness the state of the world so he can judge whether to end it or not.

I just moved to a new town and I kind of believe everybody here are telepathic satan worshippers trying to trick me into being one of them so they can use powers that God gave me.

All I see everywhere is racism and adultery .

Because we are teaching our children these things the human species is on a moral decline that it will never recovere from and for this reason the world must end.

It took me 20 yrs to accept that im loony as a tune and that was a waste of life. Im glad you found him too tell him to join the site there are lots of good people here and he couls benefit.

I wrote something and then erased it. I think I’ll sleep on this and think about it a little longer.

My first psychotic episode started with a more innocent delusion than that of my being a king.

I theorized that one of the very old systems of classifying things by elements could also be applied to human personality types. (Interestingly, I later read in one of Dr. David Keirsey’s books that his personality types in the Keirsey Temperament Sorter could also correspond to elemental types. You may be familiar with his system. INTP, ESFJ, etc, developed from the Myers-Briggs) I developed a rather elaborate system of classifying both personality traits and types of activities and actions into different elemental types.

From there, I started to develop a delusion that I personified one of those personality types, and thus was a sort of human ‘elemental’ type. From there, I went on to thinking that I was a rather lowly, but still important elemental type because I personified that elemental type so strongly, as if I should be searching for the X other personalities of my elemental extreme so that we could build a strong team together.

I probably shouldn’t go much farther than that for now, but suffice it to say that after 3 months of such elaborate delusions, I slid down the rabbit hole so far that I was driving in my car slowly, being followed by police with their blue lights on, and believing that I was in another universe being escorted to my next life by beings who were not human, but might torture me to death in terrible ways in the inevitable event that I stopped. I did stop, and spent a few hours in a holding cell and another 2 years on probation, on a plea bargain so that the charge of eluding police (with a mandatory jail sentence) would be dropped.

To you brother, I might say that his beliefs might seem extremely logical to him, and they might even have an elaborate and extremely logical structure and seemingly realistic foundation; but, inductive reasoning can be very tricky. The human mind can play a trick on itself that has variously been called aberrant salience, hyperlearning, hypermeaning, and delusional psychosis. With this trick, the mind can construct elaborate proofs out of things that are actually just coincidences.

If a person allows himself to keep going down this path without getting help, he could wind up in real trouble, as I did.

Please: I hope he at least considers the possibility that his mind is playing tricks on him, and he may need to get help from a psychiatrist.

When I’m psychotic it seems like everyone else is behaving outrageously, and I am the reasonable one. I’m not on the beam and I don’t know I’m not on the beam because I’m not on the beam. There were times when I thought people were trying to get me to commit suicide. I also thought people could see through my door and tell what I was doing in my room. I’ve heard people talking about me even though there was no one around. That happened often. I’ve experienced other auditory hallucinations. One time I heard this Indian war cry super loud at 3:00 am. It was the most creepy sound I’ve ever heard. When I’m not on my med’s I hear things constantly.

I’ve been ill for many, many years. Most of that time I didn’t really accept it, I didn’t take the medication like I was supposed to, and I didn’t practice much in the way of treatment.

The result was my ending up going in and out of the hospital over and over. I was “couch homeless” often, moving from one couch of a family member or friend to another. My mind was consumed with all sorts of unreal thoughts. I was very paranoid of others, I thought that I had special importance in the world and that I had special abilities that others did not possess. I also was terribly depressed, thinking of suicide was the norm. My life as a whole was pretty horrible.

When I hit 30 years old I started to realize that there really was something wrong. I started taking my medication more regularly and found that I landed in the hospital a lot less. Life also became easier, the misery started to subside, and my living conditions stabilized. I still got sick, I still found myself in the hospital from time to time, but things were a lot better.

Eventually, I had a serious incident that landed me in the hospital for 4 months. It was pretty serious and could have resulted in someone really being hurt. This was a wake up call for me and I started taking my medication religiously. Since then things have really improved. I can say that I am more at peace and stable now than ever before. I’m not “cured” by any means, I think I’m going to have this illness for life, but I feel that I can now live a good life.

Long time ago in America I thought that some people were using some advanced neutron beam technology to communicate with me via satellites and I even got advises to leave the house where I lived in Georgia and go to the public places such as one mall to escape these satellite communications and in the front of this mall was one woman with sunglasses and I thought she was a part of this conspiracy that tried to help me to counter these satellite communications. Once I drove a distance to buy a Koran in one bookstore and a little voice in my mind said that I was stupid that I bought this Koran. It is funny, I even kept my paper notebook in which I had documented how this advanced neutron beam technology works.

Once in Taos, New Mexico I had a self-removal during which my heart was stopped and I received an understanding that I was an NSA counter-intelligence agent whose KGB codename was Vladimir and Juan. Crazy stuff like this.

But what is funny is that many people here in Finland after I returned thought that I was a CIA agent.10 years ago I was in one bar and people came to ask me about the CIA and then once years ago one young man asked why the CIA spied on Finns and so on. As far as I know I have no connection to the CIA and maybe these other people unknown to me had also this weird delusion. Once even at a local hospital one person came to ask me about Russia’s government and what it did, I had no idea. Once over ten years ago two older men came to the house where I lived at the time and wanted to beat me up, then they said that I was a KGB henchman. Things like this, made me wonder if these people have also some mental health issues. Once one man came to me and said the FBI wants to bullet through my head, I had no idea what he talked about. I do not know if they were just playing with me or if they indeed have some mental health issues.

I’ve had some delusions of grandeur in my life. That I was going to heal the world… I was the next Zen Master and I was trained to bring peace. I also thought I knew how to resolve all the conflict on the earth, if I could just talk to the world leaders…

@Allme2015 It sound like your brother is going through some of the same stuff.
Med compliance isn’t going to work until he accepts that he needs help.

One thing I can suggest is check out more of
It’s a great web site that hosts this forum. There is a lot of info there for a general over view of symptoms, first aid for psychosis, FAQ’s, how to help, on and on. for some help and support groups in your area. Nami got my family hooked up to support groups for them… and they also gave my parents ideas where to find a crisis management team… visiting nurses… financial help…

I hope you can get some ideas.

I’m rooting for you all.

I keep thinking, if we can just hold on thru the 20’s when my son gets into his 30’s, better insight might start.

Thank all of you so much!! I read about 4 of your stories to him. He listened, he smiled and giggled. I hope it helped him see the voicea arent real.
He actually agreed to go to the hospital tonight!

I thought I could walk on water. So could Jesus. That made me special and I had a close connection to Jesus. The voices told me to read the bible for protection from the evil demons.

I never had a chance to walk on water because I was taken to hospital.