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Delusional paranoia

My 27-year old brother is diagnosed with delusional paranoia and he thinks himself a new Jesus and is receiving signals from God. He doesn’t trust anyone but me which makes me feel responsible for his recovery. The big problem is that we’re in a country which we don’t speak the language because we’re new refugees. He’s not accepting treatment and therapy maybe because of the language barrier but he also doesn’t trust father, mother or sister. I have my own problems and don’t have time for that specially that my wife suffers severe depression and I need to take care of her and my little boy.
He’s now in a mental health asylum but he isn’t getting any better. I need to learn how to help him from my side and how to involve family in this not only for his own good but also to reduce my stress and exhaustion about it.

@ABDUL_HADJI What country are you in? Are you able to visit your brother? I’m going to tag you on a thread that the admin posted that has some videos by Dr. Amador who is someone we all follow. His brother also had sz and he finally figured out a way to get his brother to take medication. It’s called the LEAP program and many of us try to follow that. When you go to that thread, scroll up a bit and you will see the videos. He also has a book, I’m not sick, I don’t need help. Dr. Xaviar Amador.

Also, thinking you are Jesus is not that uncommon for people with sz. There is another person on this forum who’s son thinks the same.

Great to get your response @DianeR
In fact I was speaking in the name of the brother who doesn’t speak English and asked for my help because the Arabic content on the web isn’t rich. Fortunately the whole family is located in Netherlands. If the videos have Arabic subtitles would be a good thing and if not I’ll watch and try to summarize to my friend.

@ABDUL_HADJI Ah I see. It is very nice of you to help your friend. More people will give you there advice as well. Late afternoon and evening on the forum is sometimes quiet. This is probably the best place to get advice that and people will recommend NAMI. There are also probably some folks here from the Netherlands that may chime in.

Would his brother be willing to take medication? That is usually the best thing to stop his fears and stop the signals from God. If he can get his brother to take medications that is the best route. The doctors will give him oral pills first to see if it would be possible to take a bi-monthly or monthly shot. My son, for example is on Invega Sustena which stopped his paranoia.

Some medical places in the US have social workers who can help the family be involved and understanding. At the clinic where we go, there is a list of languages that they can bring in a translator for. I wonder whether the inpatient facility where your brother is being treated can get a translator to meet with the family and your brother all together?

Unfortunately this option isn’t affordable.

@Abdul_Hadji What isn’t affordable? The translator or the medication?

Traveling to the US isn’t affordable.

@ABDUL_HADJI - Hereandhere is saying maybe where your friends brother is they may have translators - at the hospital in the Nederalands. They may be able to provide you with a translator for your friend to understand or your friends brother to understand. Do you know who your friend is talking to at the hospital? Your brother should have a case worker or here in the US they get a social worker when they go into the hospital. See if your friend can ask for a translator for your brother or himself. The hospital should be able to get your friends brother on medication. Here sometimes there are laws that permit them to give the person experiencing psychosis medication.

Hi, I’m sorry I miscommunicated.

I meant to ask for an Arabic translator in the Netherlands where your brother is right now.

I see thank you so much

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Oh yeah, that’s right but what i meant is that having an interpreter itself is making such a barrier. I believe patient must trust the doctor snd this will take too long in this case because the doctor-patient conversation isn’t direct

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It is honestly the hardest test we have to endure in this life… seeing your brother like that is torture … I’m in the same situation with my brother and I feel like everything is a dead end. My brother was in hospital for 3 months last year but is deteriorating again now. Im so so sorry you’re going through this, this forum is great it sort of makes life easier knowing we aren’t alone… but at the same time makes it harder knowing how real this is :sob:

It really is. Hope this ends soon.

I really hope so too :pray::pensive::pensive::pensive:

Would you mind Tagging me also. Thank you.

I tagged you the admin post with Dr. Amador’s videos.