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Help, My brother just left a letter and vanished

I don’t know. The detective my dad spoke to has notified the police there of what’s going on.

From the website you posted - this does not sound good at all -lots of donate buttons

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@meadow Excellent detective work on your Dad’s part! I hope you find your brother. My parents retired to SC and the police were always more then helpful when we needed them to check on my parents.


Thank you everyone for your help! Yesterday, my dad called the church commune in S.C. and spoke to the guy there. They had received the check but won’t cash it. the police had already interviewed them. My brother was finally found today, somewhere local to my Dad. I don’t know by who but He is now in a hospital in critical care on an IV. He’s coherent and able to talk. Thank goodness. Now I will have to help my dad figure on how we can find a better living situation for him to be monitored.


I’m so glad your brother is located and safe. Thank you for telling us.


I guess this is opening up a huge issue with me dad. How a person who is schizophrenic can be found and brought to a hospital and my dad never notified. It turns out my dad called hospitals on a whim and by chance he was in one. He was told he was never called due to HIPPA but neither were the police and my brother was reported as a missing person.


So glad your dad persisted and so relieved he found him. Sounds like the police in SC were really helpful as well. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you can help Dad get things sorted out. What a scare you’ve all had.


Your dad was lucky they even told him. Some MI hospitals won’t tell the family that a person is there. They cite HIPPA. I read about a woman who was searching for her mentally ill family member and finally one compassionate nurse at a facility told her, you can stop looking.

It’s a terrible use of HIPPA imo


Wish i had something easy to say. Things have a way of getting worse before they can get better.

When i was 27. (the year i was diagnosed) I got into a fight with my mother. I simply packed a bag…got in my car. and just drove south. From PA to AL…i drove …no money for food. (just enough money…for gas) to get there. I RAN. I just VANISHED. for DAYS> No one knew…where the heck i was. I did’n’t have a plan. I just…DROVE.

The first place i landed was a small tiny store front area. I walked in. Looking to see if I could find an ATM. I didn’t know…if i had ANY money left in my account. (this was before debit cards) So, I walked up to the ATM. I was …Psychotic as hell. I happened to FIND…a used ATM card…just laying there. I really believed… in my very crazy mind. SOMEONE…placed that card there…JUST for me. It was a gift. I was COMPLETELY off my rocker…BONKERS. so, there I was. I actually…was INSULTED. I felt. I don’t and WONT take a hand out. I had my PRIDE. so i left that card there. And walked out. (after checking my account) ZERO Balance. I was…in a pickle.

I went from being…PSYCHOTIC…to SUICIDAL…in less than…20 min. It was QUICK.

So there i was…it was a JUNE day. Getting late. (this was before…cell phones and the Web)
I drove 3 days…no sleep. (no food) …and i somehow ended up in a parking lot…overlooking a small lake in Alabama.

I made a plan. I wrote my goodbye letters to my family. (I had a notebook) …THEN. I pulled out my meds. I discovered by the GRACE of God. I didn’t have enough…to OD.

so i sat there…and just CRIED. and CRIED and CRIED. …then i drove to a Gas Station. I asked about…“Woman’s Shelters” …I found one. They took me in. (immediately) …so i had a roof and a bed. (and food) that night. So, There i was. Not sure …what was gonna happen…the day after.

So, for about a week. Life had settled down at the shelter… The days were a blur. THEN. …i got it in my head…to CALL home. I called at dinnertime …My ENTIRE family …was there. And i mean…EVERYONE was there at the house.

So, no one yelled. They asked me. “WHERE ARE YOU”? …and i …finally told them. I knew it was time to go home. So, my sister…went to the BANK…and made an immediate deposit. To get me home.

So, the next morning…i left. I returned to the highway. and off i drove.

THAT was the point…when things …changed. so, i finally made it back up north.

I wish i could tell you…what happened…after i returned home. TRUTHFULLY? its all a blur. I don’t remember much. My Dad…made some calls…and got me admitted to the hospital. I was SCREAMING at him. …NO DADDY…i can’t . I didn’t have…MONEY…or MEDICAL Insurance at that time. So I was TERRIFIED.

1000’s of dollars…in medical bills…TERRIFIED me. My father just said. “We will find a way” …so…he was right. I was given a social worker. SHE…dated the medical forms…to be RETROACTIVE…so…when the bills…would come due. My MEDICAL…would kick in from DAY 1 of my admission.

It worked. I got teh letter…i was covered. :slight_smile: i was soooo relieved.

But…lesson learned? My DAD…became my POWER OF ATTORNEY…at that time. He got us a lawyer…and took care of business.

HE would assume…my medical rep…and legal guardian. Till i could heal.

so…that’s …just ONE …tiny piece…of the puzzle.

Your BROTHER…needs to turn POWER OF ATTORNEY…over to your DAD. so he CAN be found…and helped.



Thank you for your story. I asked me dad about this very thing yesterday and he is going to speak to a lawyer about that this week.


I am glad your brother was found. Since he is an adult, unless your parents have a power of attorney or conservatorship over him, your parents do not need to be notified. I would have your dad contact a lawyer so he can have have dicision making powers and receive notice. Good luck.


my Dad retired from Law Enforcement. He knew quite a bit about the laws. So he KNEW…early on to get me to sign on that line. So, after i was released from the Hospital. My Father and i…sat down with Lawyers to give my Dad…legal rights to all my medical decisions.

Because it was 1999. i also filed for Bankruptcy. So…those lawyers…got a lot of business from my family. My College Student Loans…were also…placed into deferment.

My Dad…was my lifesaver.

And now…its 18 yrs later. i’ve rebuilt my credit. Bought a car. 2.0 interest. Got a VERY good rate :slight_smile:

Life goes on. You CAN rebuild.