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Help, My brother just left a letter and vanished


This is my first post and I am looking for advice on how to help my dad handle this situation. My brother who is 47, wrote a long detailed letter to my family and disappeared on Tuesday. He was on medication, living with my dad and was diagnosed back in 2005. This is the 2nd time he has left. The last time he left in 2007 with no money, ID, meds etc and was found on a park bench 2 days later in 30 degree weather by a stranger. They called the police. This time he has withdrawn money from his bank and took his wallet, but no extra clothes, meds etc. He’s become deeply religious and says he wants to go preach the word of God. My dad is older, in his late 70’s and can’t handle anymore of the stress. We don’t know where he went but filed a missing persons report and checked his computers, etc, virtually finding no leads. I guess I’m just looking for some advice on anything else my dad should do and if there are any options about group homes, etc. to help care for people, should he return soon. They live in NJ. Thank you for any help.


Hi - sorry to hear about your brother. Hope you can find him soon. I would contact your local NAMI and see if they have some resources on group homes, etc.:

I’m sure others here will add some good ideas also…


Start with this:

Another good resource:


I like your idea of finding a suitable living space for your brother once he is home or wherever one is that works for him.


Thank you! I will look into these links and pass along that information.


Thank you. My dad has taken classes at NAMI and was going to go there today to speak to someone about getting into a family support group. I’ll let him know about asking for resources.


Another resource might be the Treatment Advocacy Center:

Main web site here:


Is anyone actually searching the area around your dad’s home? The previous park bench area?


My dad and mom drove around to any areas they thought he could be at within a 1/2 hour range, The train stations nearby, the churches, the libraries. But with money, anything is possible. The bank would not give my dad records of how much money was taken out but they eventually said he had been there. Unfortunately it had been 2 1/2 hours before my dad returned and found out he had left, due to a doctor appointment. My brother had emailed a letter to me and I live out of state so I found out earlier but could not reach him.


Are people circulating flyers? The man dumped in Houston last year was found by heavy circulation of flyers.


That’s a good idea, I just read that. I could definitely send him something to circulate.


with a recent picture if you have one


I do, he was just here for Christmas.


I made a flyer which my dad had printed and will distribute locally in N.J. It was reported to the media. According to the police, he withdrew $10,000. They think he could have taken a train down to N.C. to meet a “pastor” who has a farm of followers.


@meadow Facebook pages can help as well. I hope you find him. He couldn’t have gotten too far.


Everyone - what was that place that @GSSP mentioned before - does anyone remember? Was it in NC?

Thanks for updating us meadow.


I looked on GSSPs profile - he listed this as the Church Cult his daughter got into. Is this the one you were thinking about It’s in Alabama.

Alabama Teen Challenge

P.O. Box 270

Lincoln, AL 35096

Phone: (205) 763-0909


Here is the chain. It is a church that spouts recovery without meds. I think it may be for addiction however. My daughter and this cult church


So since its a teen church, probably not the same one meadow’s brother might be headed to - Thanks DianeR.


Sorry, my sister just learned that is it S.C. Its the they think he is headed to. My dad found podcasts that my brother had been listening to. They also found a religious website he has been writing himself.


So glad your dad found the podcasts, is someone on their way there now?