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Help, please, I'm begging

UPDATE:: I had a roller coaster, horrid day yesterday and you all were so supportive. I was so sick with agony I couldn’t bare to touch my phone or hear the sorrys that were graciously extended. My boyfriend stayed on the phone for hours as we drove to the closest place I knew my brother was. I stayed in the car while he made phone calls outside so I wouldn’t hear and somehow it wouldn’t be real.
I am so BLESSED to say HE IS ALIVE. My brother connected with my mom and took her phone and sent the message himself then turned it off. Remnants from yesterday sit in me today but I felt as though I gained a second chance miracle, after hours of believing he was cold and gone,
I immediately petitioned for a baker act and brought him home and loved on him. I cannot believe this is real. Please forgive me for the scare. My heart is still broken, but I have learned through this, it could always be worse. ::

Hello again, family
Im numb, I’m currently sitting in my brother’s flannel, wearing the back pack hes carried up and down the freezing streets, homeless, with no help

I can’t find myself to double check a text my mother texted me this morning saying he passed
Please help me, I can’t live without him
I promise I tried so hard, but not enough. I started to consider my own self over his, even though he was so ill and helpless

My brother is my best friend, my closest, my baby, my other half
Please tell me hes okay and didnt take his life
Please I’m begging the same way I’ve been begging for three years and two months, when he so suddenly became ill
Please, God, please tell me it’s all going away and I promise I’ll take him back home with blankets and cuddles and love
I hate me, I’m hurting

Please guys, tell me I read the text wrong, there’s no way this is real

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I’m so so sorry for your pain. Please try to believe this is not your fault. You tried your best. This is a horrible disease.

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I am so so sorry. I will be thinking of you and your family.

I’m so sorry
That’s tragic

I am so sorry for your pain… I would have no idea what I would do if anything like this happened to my daughter…I probably would feel as helpless are you feeling right now

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Hello Briaajay,
So sorry, please contact your mom, she is also hurting, may you offer each other comfort.

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My heart breaks for your loss, I am so very sorry. Reach out to your mom.

I am so sorry. Please don’t hate yourself. Yes, I am sure you are hurting… I wish I had words that could help.

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I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. I pray you find comfort. I have envisioned many times what I would do in this situation because that chance is always lingering when someone is mentally ill. Find comfort in your good memories and in comforting your Mom. Keeping you in my prayers.

Our hearts are breaking with yours - I am so very sorry for your loss.

Dearest briaajay, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved brother.

Please listen to me in the way I am saying this, with the softest love, knowing how much you love your brother: mental illness is medical illness. This illness has a 10% mortality rate. No one knows which of our family members will die of this illness. My son survived his suicide attempts and I was brought to my knees.

Your brother’s death is a tragedy. With deepest deepest sympathy and tears, I send support and care to you through the internet.


My heart breaks and tears are streaming and i’m so so sorry , please try and be strong as you are dear to your mother and she needs you more than ever …

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Oh, I am so relieved for you, I have goose bumps all down my arms and legs. Thank you for the update. Of course we forgive you for the scare. It is so great that you have a second chance with him. I am very supportive of you petitioning for a Baker Act (I guess you are in Florida too). I do hope he gets the help he needs and you gain more peace in your life.

I think that many of us reading this are confused…I HOPE we are confused and that your brother is still alive. We all care so very much about you and about those living with mental illness.

If you instituted the Baker Act, did he go and was he kept at a hospital? He needs professional help.

Stay with us on this Forum and stay hopeful.

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Confused yes ! but very relieved ! hang in there and thoughts and prayers are with you all .

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