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HELP! Son is having mental breakdown and i don't know what to do


Thank you @AllthingsRpossible I’m still at a stand still here. I live in west tn and the mental health care is lacking!! Nothing can be done until he hurts himself or somebody else. He goes to see his pdoc and mdoc this Wednesday and hopefully he will get back on the invega susteena shot. That’s what I’m praying for anyway!


Hope he is better. Praying for you and others that have posted here.


I just flew to L.A. from florida to try and help my son and felt so threatened that I heartbreakingly had to fly home the same day! I hqvent quit crying since that day. My intention was to stay and help him get plugged into the homeless community some how. Calling every agency I could before going there…I have to believe God is caring for him it’s the only way I get any relief frI’m my grief


So sorry that your outreach to your son didn’t work. At least he knows you care, and he may find his way home to you someday–soon, I hope.


He knows he has ups and downs everyday. Sometimes he says I’m a terrible person and the next day I’m so wonderful. I don’t really pay attention to either one because I know if his brain was healthy he would be sweet and productive and plus mothers are very forgiving. Thanks for your support!


Don’t go out there with support. I’m so sorry for your crisis situation with your son.
I just don’t know what to do for my sin. He is thousands of miles aways from me and your story sounds very similar to mine. I was holding my breath while reading. Hope you’re doing well


If you are are a person of faith, seek out others who are likeminded who can strengthen you and pray for both you and your son. Don’t dismiss this. It is truly powerful.


Get some help on how to deal with police. Where I live the Mental Health Services have family support workers that support you in dealing with police and doctors etc. They teach how to talk to them and get around all these restrictive rules etc. plus you kinda learn how the system works once you have been doing it awhile