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Here's another update


Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Well, My son didn’t get the part time job as a bagger at Kroger. I’m ok with that. I just want him to be and stay healthy. I thought that getting a part time job was to soon for him being he was just release from the Hosiptal 3 weeks ago on tmw, but I wanted to support his decision of wanting to try and work. I am very glad he’s motivated to do something. The side effects from the shot is getting better. He’s not complaining about it anymore. He still face still look flat, but He says the shot is wearing off. I I told him it’s probably the side effects thats wearing off. He is still saying he’s not going to take anymore medication. Although, I know he need to take his medication. I am learning to respect his decision. He did say he will continue to go to the doctor, so I’m happy about that because we haven’t been successful at getting him to continue to see a doctor after he leaves a hospital stay, but he has went to 2 doctors appointment since he got out of the hospital, so that’s a start. I will continue to keep everyone updated. Hugs to all!


aw i bet hes disappointed he was really excited about that was he really upset ? wouldnt it be great if we moms could just arrange nothing but positive experiences in our childrens life and they never experience rejection or heartbreak .

I was thinking now that its spring my son would like to start doing yard work for people put up a few ads at the grocery store and other places with bulletin boards i havent brought up the idea yet to him but i think it would be great for him to get outside more and feel proud that he has his own business and is his own boss and he can decide how much or little he wants to work maybe your son might be interested in helping people clean up yards or garages or tilling gardens for people thats something a lot of people want this time of year . I hope hes not too crushed if he is im sure its hard to see that just encourage him that there will be another opportunity that will come along and hell get back to work and not give up .


Hey @johnsmom, No, He wasn’t disappointed. I thought he was going to be sad. My husband and I told him before he went to the interview to not get his hopes up because he’s just going for an interview and it don’t mean he will get hired. The manager told him he was going to be hiring again on next month and that he will keep his application on top, so he was happy with that. Oh yeah, doing yard would be great for him, but he hates being outside lol… That would be great for your son to if he likes being outside.


im glad hes feeling better on his invega shot and im so glad for both of you that he wasnt too upset it helped im sure that the manager told him they would be hiring again soon and that they are interested in him and keeping the app right on top that im sure gave him hope for next month and your probabally kinda relieved that hes not going to work so soon after coming home and still adjusting to a new med my son is adjusting to a new apartment so i know how you feel not wanting too much stress on him too soon .

Im going to tell him about my idea soon i think hell like that idea if not thats fine but of course getting out in the sun and fresh air would be great for him so i hope he thinks its a good idea also im going to start him on a multi vitamin and a B complex every day to help with his energy and concentration so that he can do things that he wants to do and see if it helps i know that wont have a bad reaction with anything hes taking but im still interested in the sarcosine but i just want to make sure there wont be a bad interaction before i order some .

I read an earlier post of yours i didnt realize our sons were so close in age is he your oldest child ? feel free to message me anytime on here and i can give you my email and we can chat through email too im online a lot anyways im glad you had a good weekend stay positive :slight_smile:


@johnsmom, Yes, I’m a little relieved that he didn’t get the job right now because I do think it’s to soon for him to get a work, but I wanted him to know that I will support him in his decision. That is want I’m learning to do…Although, I know he would be better on his medication. Im not going to force him into taking it… I will just remind him of the choices he makes about not taking his medication and the consequences behind it.

Yes, He’s doing good on this shot… I think the side effects are going away. He’s still delusional, but I know he will still have them, but hopefully they will go away completely. He’s not paranoid tho… I guess I can only take it one day at a time. He has another dr appointment on Wed. He did say he will continue to go to the doctor, so I’m happy about that. Iam going to step back and see if the doctor can talk to him about the importance of treatment. The vitamin would be great for him. I have my son on fish oil, but I need to get him mult vitimins to.

Yes, Our son is close at age. My son’s birthday is today 5/3. He’s 25 years old. Yes, He is the oldest. We also have a daughter. She’s 20 years old, In college and works. Hugs to you!


Happy Birthday to your son!