Son's first job interview in years!

My son just left for a job interview. It’s the first on in a long time and I am nervous/excited for him. He left without brushing out his hair, even after I suggested he do so. (So there is still some of the old ways in action there.) This is such a positive step forward, just last week he said he needs to get his self confidence up first. Please send out good vibes for him!

Hope he gets it. That’s a massive step forward and shows he wants to take the Future in his own hands. Good luck! :sunglasses:

Cool! Sending good vibes!

That’s probably the best thing for him. Sending you best wishes and for your son.

That’s wonderful!!!..My son whom refuses any meds continues to apply and get jobs although they never last longer than several months… i see at as a good sign but if he accepted his illness and was open to meds… he might actually get to work in the field he went to college for!! Best of luck to your son… nothing will boost his confidence like being hired for something he has applied for… and if he doesnt get it… at least he applied and went to the interview… That is a huge step!.. Loads of GOOD VIBES sent to him!!!

Yes, my son has worked so many jobs, for short periods of time all of his life. This last year and a half he hasn’t worked at all, and at 29 he has felt like he should have some kind of job. This was a dishwasher job, no stress, which is what he needs. Even if he doesn’t get it, he did apply and interview. In your words, a huge step!
My son had a diagnosis of Bipolar 9 years ago, and refused meds for many years. But Feb. '14 he had a psychotic break and sz diagnosis. He was so scared by it that he has been med. compliant since then. Good on your son for still working, it means he’s fighting. I am sure the day will come when he accepts that he needs help.
Thank you for your kind words. Wishing the best for you both!

:smile: Thank you so much! It’s very huge. He’s wanted to get back on his own since last Feb. '14. But he couldn’t even go out in public! So yeah, I’ll take this as one of the best signs!

Let us know how it went. I am excited for both of you.

Good luck. My son worked for the first time in about a year this week. It was only a temp job but we were both happy and hopefully he’ll get more. In fact temp work now and then may be best for him, at least for now. I am glad your son is showing so much motivation. It’s a big indicator of recovery.

A positive step–sending good thoughts to both of you! :sunny: **

Seems like most of what I read on here… there are so many similarities… the boys are all around the same age… 20s a lot around my son’s age of 28 almost 29… Just saddens me that there was so much potential in all of our kids… and they will always “our kids” … to see the struggle that they experience… or that they don’t even know exists because they have delusions and believe things that are not true… We are all in the biggest fight of our lives for the love of our children that got lost somewhere along the way…

Yes we are my son is in exactly the same situation

The best of luck. The right kind of employment can be very therapeutic. It gives a social framework, structure, a feeling of self-worth and many other intangibles.

I’ve been lucky enough to been employed since the start of my illness and it’s been a huge part of my recovery.

I hope he gets his self-confidence up. If he can do it, so can I! It’s too bad he didn’t brush his hair, it’s kind of a big deal to not go to a job interview with nice hair. But washing dishes is not that bad. It’s good work if you can get it! I’ve had several dish washing jobs. A couple before I got sick with paranoid schizophrenia and one afterwards. It’s not really that difficult, it’s a little physical. And sometimes you have to go at a fast pace. You have your breakfast rush, your lunch rush, your dinner rush. And when there’s no rush, that’s when they want you to clean. But it has it’s perks if he gets it. Employees of restaurants usually get free food. Or cheap food at least. I hope he gets the job for the sake of himself, you, AND other people on this forum. Wow! From not going out in public… to a job interview. That’s quite some progress. Good luck to both of you.

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Such good coping and big milestone in you son’s life reflects your kindness, patience and love towards him. So congratulations to both of you! :smile:

This is so true, no matter how old, they will be our kids forever! And we will fight for them with everything we have to give it!!

:smile: :heart: Thank you so much everyone for the encouraging words and support! It means so much knowing all of us have been in the same situations. It’s kind of lonely here on the home front for both of us. I think the rest of the family gets tired of following it. So thank-you!
He came home yesterday in an okay mood. He said he didn’t think he got the job, but didn’t seem too down about that. Fingers crossed it stays that way! He tried once, it will happen again. Onward and upward!!

Yes, most of his jobs have been restaurants. He said dish washing would be better for him as he doesn’t think he could concentrate on reading the orders and preparing food. I don’t care what kind of job he gets, if he can do it and it makes him feel better, it’s the best! A word of encouragement for you, if you worked once after you got sick, you will again. When it’s the right time. Easy does it. And thanks for the kind words!

Oh, I’ve worked albeit mostly part-time, for most of the last 30 years since I got diagnosed.
But I am always looking to boost my self-confidence in all my areas of life.

So K got the job, and goes in tomorrow for paperwork and training. I can tell he is a little worried, his insomnia is back. Also, he called Social Security to see if he could be put on the Ticket to Work program. He says that they did it right then and there…I don’t know. That just seems kind of too easy for the government. I guess we’ll see. Fingers crossed this works out well, he’ll be working FT. Just jumping right in!
Oh, and he said he told the guy he has schizophrenia! The reply was, “That sucks.” Ha, pretty easy going response. K said he wasn’t sure if he should, he says it’s like have the Scarlett Letter on your forehead. I think it was very brave myself!
I’m going to dial the “Worried Mom Mode” back a bit, but still keep tuned into his moods.

@77nick77, yup it’s always good to boost self confidence! smiley: