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Hi Im New and Need Support


Right now I’m not sure what they have him on. I just talked to him on the phone and he doesn’t know. I will know tomorrow when I go up there. I didn’t go today because he was asleep when I called to check on him earlier. When he called me he said he slept all day, but still heard the voices in his sleep. He sounded like he usually does though. Talked normal.


He is on oral Invega. It took about a month for him to be less sedated. Now he sleeps about 9 hours a night during the week but longer on the weekend.


I live in Southeast Texas. I’m also an EMT and think that the local MHMR is horrible. Had many patients go there, and they just run them in and out. I’m so scared he will have to go there due to his financial situation. Funny, I have alot of medical knowledge, but when it comes to your own family member, you lose it. Sigh


Perhaps it will be easier on my Son if he calls it disorganized thinking because he won’t believe he has schizophrenia. All of y’all posts help me so much.


When you see him, you may be concerned about his appearance. They can be very groggy at first as they adjust to the meds.


Is it Texana in your area? They are the worst. They won’t help our family members unless they are functioning enough to come in themselves and ask for help.


Yes, listen to how your son refers to what’s going on with him and use the same language he does. Anxiety or panic attacks were language my family member was okay with. He was able to talk about that, but not any other dx.


Good to know. We’re at the beginning of this - Invega shot. Is your son able to work? I’m not pushing it at this point but it would be good for mine to have something to do. He stayed over last night and pretty much just stayed in his room unpacking and watching movies.


Hope… yes! I just got home from seeing him and he was emotionless, and just kind of stared off into the distance. He kept saying that he doesn’t like the foggy feeling in his head, and the voices are still there, but he can sleep at night even with the voices. He said mom nothing I take will stop the voices because I know who it is. Medicine won’t make them stop. He is referring to the people that he thinks planted the chip in his head. He also said he sleeps a lot and is tired all the time. He was different. Like a zombie. Needless to say I’m so depressed after I saw him. I didn’t let him see my fear and sadness. :frowning:


That’s how he was today. He said I don’t have schizophrenia. So I just told him to keep taking his meds because he needed them for his anxiety and he was OK with that.


I have never heard of Texana. Maybe it’s in Houston. I’m an hr east of there near the coast.


You’ll be OK Angel. It’s not going to be easy, by any stretch, but you’ll figure out how to cope with this. We all do. We have no choice.

You’re not alone.


I’m so glad you are getting help for your son, it’s alot for us parents to handle. Hopefully the medication can help even out your son. I read alot about medications and from what others are saying it is the best way to help. It does take some time. You are doing right, let the doctors and professionals help your son.
Many prayers for you and your family, annie


Thank you! If I didn’t have this site, to interact with others that know this struggle, I don’t know where I would be. I appreciate all of you so much.


He is working in a family business and has been since he graduated high school. I don’t know how he’d be in any other employment situation. His symptoms are pretty well controlled with the medication and although there are social skills deficits and some issues with his affect, he functions pretty well. He drives, goes to the gym daily and occasionally goes out to dinner with friends or family. I wouldn’t say that he seems content but he is managing well and really appreciates the routine of work.


My son became ill in high school and after a rough period we found the right meds, clozapine, in our case. My son had always worked. He has lostv2jobs bc they found out he was on anti psychotic meds, which is discrimination, but aw a waiter there wasn’t much to fight. He found a job he has had the past 2 years. You don’t have to tell his employer just say he had a health emergency and they will give him a doctos note that is vague if u need them to. Most people are not understanding in the workplace so I try to stress to my son not to over share info. He may need to work less or be given more leeway to do tasks.


We all wish our loved one were here, back to the way it used to be. But for most of us, that will not happen. Those of us dealing with MI, learn compassion, understanding, caring, and we learn to be more loving.
Since my son’s illness, my thoughts are about him and my family, all the other problems, the day to day dramas I see around me, are so unimportant.
If anything has changed, it is the way I feel for all of you. Maybe that’s my lesson. I also treat individuals who are suffering from some kind of disorder with more respect and kindness. It is not their fault, they do not choose to be or act this way. It is hard enough to survive in the world today, let alone have an illness that is not recognized as an illness.


I am so very sorry for what you are going through. I understand your feelings like you have no idea…I believe you are in a desperate situation and it needs immediate attention. The fact his auditory hallucinations want him to kill himself is critical. In Dallas, we have a hospital called Parkland that takes anyone regardless of finances. If I were you and you can not take him to your nearest hospital emergency room, look around and find out where the nearest hospital is that can take him regardless of insurance. Also please look into some insurance for him, he will need it. My daughter was diagnosed when she was 19, and she is 28 today and has graduated from college and “still” looking for a job but is doing well living on her own. Also the minute you get a diagnosis contact Social Security Disability, he will qualify if he has schizophrenia. if and when you do all this, just don’t continually tell him the doctor says you have schizophrenia. This is the word that will only serve to upset him. My daughter usually says, “when I got sick”. Also at that time he will qualify for Medicare. You might have to do a lot of this for him, because he will not be able to concentrate enough holding down a job and dealing with voices. We went to a counselor that put us in headphones to show us what hearing voices is like to them and it is horrific, I had to pull them off about half way through the exercise. I was in counseling for years over my daughters illness because it is just too hard to deal with on your own. This is a critical time for your son, (and you) please, please act now. Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.


oh I just found this, you have done the right thing! Thank goodness you have at least a little relief, but also look into social security disability and Medicare, it can help fray the costs of this disease he can work with it as long as he doesn’t exceed $17,000 a year. And of course if he can work, that is great too. Also, to echo what others have said above, My daughter has schizoaffective (with bipolar) and is on “Invega Sustenna” monthly injections, and an anti-depressant, the hospital will probably not give him the monthly shot, but you can ask. So it may be a little bumpy until he gets a doctor (psychiatrist) he can go to regularly. My daughter fought the medications just like your son, just keep telling him eventually he will get all better and stay after it, don’t give up! You are headed in the right direction to have a successful outcome. Good luck and let us know how y’all are doing!


Hang in there. My son got his first diagnosis, age 21, as the voices told him that the cell phone in his head stopped working… he just walked into the ER and told them that and they kept him on a psych hold for a few days. But we got a diagnosis and the first round of meds. If you have medicaid set up first this helps with the cost. But you need the diagnosis to get the medicaid so it is a vicious cycle. The hospital was helpful in telling me about SSI and medicaid. I had him make the calls with me and give me permission to talk to them. I explained it was a way to get help.

The books will help you, as he is in denial. If your love bond is strong eventually he will trust you and you can encourage him to give it a try (the meds) . At some point ask him to sign a Power of Attorney so you can talk to the doctors ahd help handle his affairs for him. I explained it as I would use it to step in when he needed me ( he needs you more than he knows) and otherwise he still has all his rights. It is different if you go for a guardianship.

Remember to talk care of yourself while you are trying to get help for him. Every State is different, so seek out local resources via NAMI. Ask everyone that says no they can’t help you, who else you can call. There is help out there. Be diligent and keep looking! Hugs to you both as you go down this journey!