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I am sorry what brings you here. Lots of good information posted so far. NAMI is great, and i would add to take the free 12 week family to family course. The illness will be defined, and there are tools in the information for cooping with daily issues that surface.

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I can relate to the lesson of being respectful and kind to those obviously living with some kind of mental illness. In the past I would often shy away from these individuals, not wanting to have a rambling or awkward conversation. Now I am more patient, less afraid of an odd conversation or presentation, kinder, more compassionate.


Has he tried Clozapine? It truly saved my grandsons life. He still has the auditory hallucinations but only 10% of the time and he can keep that under control. He is back to work, meeting friends. He actually works two jobs and he has lost 75 pounds. It was truly a wonder drug for him


Yes ma’am. My faith in God is strong. Bless you all for being an inspiration for me!



I’m not sure what they have him on yet. He is still in the hospital. I will know when he comes home. I hope they have tried that for him though because others have said how well it works.


WAmac… .mental illness is so stigmatized. I hate that. But I will make it my mission to change minds.



Thank you for the info. I will look into that!



Thank you for that info. I am so grateful that my son trusts me to help him, so I really thank you for the info. I feel like I need to be equipped with much knowledge, and that is exactly what I will need to advocate for him. He doesn’t mind that I speak sometimes for him. He prefers it actually because he doesn’t really know what to do next either. He is not a question asker, like I am. He kind of just goes along with what the drs tell him. I’m like hold up…what about this and this and this? This is really hard for me because I hate to watch what he has to endure. As a mother we are all alike in that aspect thought aren’t we? Our children’s pain and suffering is ours too. It takes a huge toll in us also, but my plan is to fight for him until my last breath. God bless you, and thank you again!


Definitely get him to a Dr. To rule out anything physical. My son started with paranoia at the age of 17 after his father passed away of a brain tumor. I was oblivious as to what was going on with him because I was dealing with my own problems of trying to keep a roof over our heads and working full time.His friends told me about his odd behavior. He’s 36 now and on disability and gets Medicare and Medicaid. He’s in total denial about what’s wrong with him, he claims he’s fine. He’s not .He takes Meds daily, can’t keep jobs or friends. I feel for you, it’s not an easy thing to deal with.


It is super hard. How is he doing? Did they get him on some meds? It took my son a good month to show improvement. It’s been 6 weeks now, he still seems a bit sedated, but he’s well enough to get himself and go to job interviews (3 so far). My heart breaks when I watched him walk into one last night as I wonder if the interviewees wonder if he is on something. He is trying so hard and I’m very proud of him.


It would be very unusual for Clozapine to be the first medication tried. It is not typically tried until at least 3 other antipsychotics have been tried and have failed.


How did you get her to finish school. My daughter was in college and is smart. She has been stable on Envega shot for over a year. I talk to her about asking her case worker to help her start back, but she has no self confidence about her ability.


Thank you - very good information to know! I keep seeing this med mentioned.


Because of its potential for very serious side effects, Clozapine is generally considered for use only after it has been determined that the patient has what can be called ‘treatment resistant’ schizophrenia.


You have to fight for it they will usually try him on something else. At least two other antipsychotics. It took me two years but every time I went in the psyche doctors office I said I want him on Clozapine. He was treatment resistant to all others only one that worked and let’s him lead a normal life


I have been where you are now. I have a son that’s 28 and his illness started with auditory hallucinations and as time went by the illness progress. I spent my time crying and I still cry. What my poor son has gone through and myself is to long to put on here, but it involved the government, people outside waiting to kill him, people coming in and taking his clothes and medications, these are just a few. He called the police almost every week so i had them over every week knocking at my door. He was in the hospital 4 times to be stabilized. He is now on Haldol and is doing much better. But it was hell , he had phychosis, delusions and paranoia. He is still a bit paranoid, but I ll take what we have now anytime. I take baby steps, I don’t know what’s around the corner, but I have learned to appreciate the some what quiet days.
Can your son get Medicaid? Every state has different laws. I know in Florida only people with young kids and low income elderly can get Medicaid, I have applied for SSI for my son and he will be getting insurance with the ssi.
I would start with NAMI or MHA sometimes they can lead you to low income clinics. It’s important for your son to be on medication.
Prayers for peace, it’s a horrible illness. Knowing i am not alone has helped me so much.


OK y’all here is the update. He is home and still hears the voices but not as bad he said. He said he feels like he is in a fog in his mind and feels weak. He is on Zyprexa and Buspiron. He doesn’t seem as anxious as he did the day he went in. He doesn’t really want to talk much though, so I let him have his space. I just reassured him that he would never be in this alone and that we would get through this together. I don’t see him having much emotion. He is just quiet. I suppose that is normal with the meds? He has an appt Monday with our local mental health facility. I can’t go because I have to work but my daughter is going to take him. I am praying for you all! Thank you all for your support and knowledge. I am glad I found you ladies.


He will do better and better on the meds. It just takes time and lots of love and patience on your part.


Thank you for those encouraging words!


I thought of another book you should read. “Insane Consequences,” by D.J.Jaffe. Very important book! It’s a longer title but just insane consequences and author’s name should find it. Amazon has it :slight_smile: