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Community living/Programs

It’s getting to where we can’t handle our son at home. Has anyone put their loved one in a community living type program? If so, could you give me some names of reputable programs? Especially in the Southeast. Thanks

My friend’s grandson has been cared for in a group home in the Tampa Bay area of Florida run by a non-profit for several years. He was first gotten onto state welfare and then into the home. It was easier for them, I think, as he was under 18 when his illness started. I think you should contact a NAMI near you for suggestions, or your state’s equivalent of Florida’s Department of Children and Families. Privatized places are VERY expensive, they exist too, but I could never pay for something like that. I ended up building a studio apartment into my home for my daughter when she was psychotic. Good luck sorting out your son’s situation. And welcome to this site, it is a great place to find support.

I just found a private home in Washington state, run by a non-profit and owned by two psych ARNPs. Just a boarding home, not any kind of assisted care, all residents need to be somewhat independent especially with medications. It is a supportive healing place, and the non-profit offers classes and other learning and spiritual experiences for the four young men who live there. All renters have SSDI and food stamps, rent is very affordable, family and friends are required to participate in the non-profit organization. Residents live there as long as they need to while they prepare to reenter the education or work force and make use of outpatient community services. I am thrilled to have found it and astounded that there are not more homes like this.
Now to get my kid out of the hospital.