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Long Term Residential Care - Have you found a good option?

I’m looking to hear from people who have managed to find an affordable/subsidized long-term residential care option for their adult schizophrenic family member. Ideally a monitored environment where meals and medications are provided. Could be a nursing home, group home, hospital, etc.

Please share your state and experience, I’m open to going pretty much anywhere if it means a better living situation for my relative.

I have wondered the same and I bet it is tied to their resources, insurance and if there is a guardianship in place.

Good luck.

No guardianship in this case because the patient is still physically healthy and can make minor day to day decisions for themselves. They do qualify for SSI + Medicaid.

I have resources to contribute a reasonable amount towards care, but I can’t seem to find anything in between awful state funded hospitals and private voluntary hospitals that charge $9000 per month.

Florida has some assisted living facilities for those with mental illness, but the person has to be willing to live there and be receiving SSI/SSDI. Also must be stable on meds. If the person has no where else to live, and cannot live independently, some facilities will get the SSI/SSDI applications done. One facility I know has shared rooms for $600 per month.

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I’ve been wondering the same. Recommendations appreciated.

Hello. My adult son and I live in the state of California. Here we have licensed board & care residences which provide three meals and monitors medication. My son lives in what is called independent living which is a small group home. Three meals are provided and the residents are responsible for managing their owns meds. A visiting psychiatrist goes to both board & cares and independent living group homes.The residents receive SSI or SSDI. My son does not have enough Social Security credits, so he receives SSI which pays $937 per month. He also receives medicaid. If an independent group home is chosen, keep in mind that they are people’s homes who do not need to be licensed, so some group homes are clean and others are not.