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Honeylake Clinic, Florida - Anyone have any experience with it?

Has anyone had experience with this residential treatment center for severe mental illness- Honeylake Clinic in Greenville, Florida? I received the recommendation from the NAMI help center and am very interested for my daughter. The cost (she has no health insurance or Medicaid) is exorbitant. I would consider going back to work (I’m retired), raising funds, payment plant, GoFund Me, hitching my wagon to the stars. My daughter also has PTSD from a Cult. She and I have worked so hard in the past two years, and become a team. However, the demands of every day life often preclude progress as she tries to find a sustainable and healing journey. So far, my research on Honeylake has been positive. I found all the Physicians duly licensed and in good standing in the state of Florida. Both my daughter and I have called the Clinic and found their responses valid and hopeful

It appears to only have been around since 2017 and I’ve not heard of it before. I did take a look at the officers listed through and it appears that the Chairman is Global Senior Pastor Stovall Weems of the mega church, Celebration, that is headquartered here in Jacksonville. Based on what I found, I believe he was one of the founding members of Honeylake Clinic and Honeylake Farms. Do they take Medicaid and can your daughter apply for that - or if you or her dad are drawing Social Security, maybe she could draw Social Security and Medicare.

One article I read said that it was rated the number 1 Christian mental health program in the United States but I have no clue who could make that kind of rating. You might be able to check with AHCA and see if they have further information: AHCA: Contact AHCA.

Best wishes and I hope this works to you and your daughter’s advantage. Keep us posted. :palm_tree:

EDIT: Did you ask how many doctors (MDs) were regularly visiting or on premises? All I could find was one psychologist who has a PHD and the description of Honeylake was: “Honey Lake Clinic is a drug rehab & addiction treatment center located in Greenville, FL. This drug rehab & addiction treatment center has 1 clinical psychologist (who is not an MD) in total.”

For severe mental illness, I’d make sure any doctors/psychiatrists on payroll are actually visiting the location.


My sincere thanks to Pookey52 and the Editor.
I thoroughly researched Honey Lake and Stovall Weems affiliation with the information you both gave me. My daughter will NOT be attending Honey Lake.
I am very unhappy about the HL connection with Celebration Mega Church and found that the Church provides Therapists to HL. There is absolutely no mention of this anywhere on HL website. I called HL today, the first person got flustered with my questions and hung up. A second phone call verified Stovall Weems as one of the founders. Presently, HL has dropped their Schizophrenia Program, I was told because the presence of the patients with SZ was triggering other clients. My daughter and I will continue her hard work and rehabilitation with her present Psychiatrist, LMSW Counselor, Vocational Rehabilitation, and daily Skype and exercise with me. We’ve applied for SSI Disabled and are also launching a business together Health@Home, my daughter makes excellent salves and chapsticks with organic Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils.
I am hopeful! And my appreciation to your answers to my Post. Maureen