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Has anyone tried long-term rehabilitation facilities?

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried long-term rehabilitation programs for their loved one. If so, how long were they there for and what was the outcome? There’s one called Bright Quest that is supposed to be good. There’s one facility in TN and one in CA.


I would like to find out more about this type of program. I have looked at the websites of some beautiful programs, but they seemed to be over $10,000 a month, private-pay!

When COVID settles down, I plan to ask about this at our local NAMI group.

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I too looked at one. $18000/month. We sold some property we had and we were prepared to send him. But he refused.

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Yes, my son was at CooperRiis in North Carolina for a year. His stay there definitely set us on a better path. I spent years and tons of time searching for a residential place after multiple hospitalizations and found CooperRiis to be the “healing place” they advertised. He was at their Mills Springs farm residence where he was expected to engage in daily duties such as working with the garden, pottery, and animal care. I attribute much of his success to the structure there. He was expected to wake up, perform chores, attend therapy, and participate in all of the daily living tasks that we could not enforce at that time. Their team also started him on clozapine and supplements that he continues to take today. He enjoyed making friends with other young people who also struggle as he does.
It was not cheap! We refinanced and took cash out of our home that was almost completed paid off to meet the required down payment and hoped that we would be approved for the financial aid/scholarship. After 2 months, thankfully, we received that. It was still over $5000.00 month after that, but I felt that I to give him that chance. I wish we could have continued to let him live there as long as possible. He also stayed a brief time in our home state, Georgia, at a residence called The Cottages on Mountain Creek. In my research, I found that there are many affordable rehabilitation homes for people who solely have drug or alcohol issues, but few good homes for people with a dual diagnosis or who live with a mental condition. I continue to look for good living places and wish I could find an affordable residence to help him gain more independence.


We are currently working with New Roads Behavioral Health in Utah. It is one of the few ‘mental primary’ long-term treatment centers that focuses on SZ patients. Our son is 19, and has been there 3.5 months in the RTC. He’s gotten stabilized on Clozapine among other meds but is showing real signs of improvement. He just moved to a ‘step-down’ unit of New Roads yesterday. Praise God that he continues to go down this path, found some good roommates in the new apartment setting, and seems committed to continuing his meds and coping skill focus.

This place changed our trajectory in a positive way. It is expensive. Even with insurance it costs over $5,000 month plus, plus. But, it gave us peace (got him out of our home or other unsafe options); it showed him he’s not alone with this illness; it showed him that some meds actually help him feel better (he’d previously sworn nothing worked/he didn’t need them/stopped taking); it is giving him new friends and skill sets.

It’s not perfect. He left once AMA to be homeless for a few days. But returned. He’s gotten into a fight. He took another kid’s drugs to self-medicate; the staff are human and sometimes make mistakes; and some of his major delusions still persist. BUT
we are on a much better trajectory. And we take it day by day.


Sando, that’s good news that your son has found a place with good roommates. That’s one of the things my son misses most about his residential stay. He made several friends there, some who also enjoyed playing musical instruments with him. For about a year after returning home, he stayed in touch with several friends. I miss having someone take control and care for him 24/7 even if it was super expensive. It was especially nice that they provided therapy, exercise, and were able to provide the boundaries/structure that is difficult to enforce as a parent caregiver. Wishing your son continued progress!


Thanks TAC. Have you tried any ‘halfway’ houses? New Roads is suggesting I seek one for our son when he comes back to Texas. A place where there is accountability, urine tests, and others who are struggling.

But frankly, the ones I’ve contacted around here seem primarily substance abuse oriented and pretty rough. Would solo apartment dwelling be better or worse than co-existing with heroin addicts? Me thinks ‘better’ but we’re cognizant of the need for accountability, community and interaction. Thoughts?


Yes, my son almost went to CooperRiis, but at last minute he refused. We sold a rental property to pay for it. You are right, tons of places for alcohol and drug issues… but none for mental illness unless you are rich.

My sz is dual diagnosis which means that the bulk of his 3 month rehabs have been covered by insurance. I picked places affiliated with teaching med schools. Maryland recovery was wonderful 2 states away , psychiatrists from u Maryland who did a great job with my kid!