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Hopeful attitude toward her future

I was very encouraged when my daughter said she has a hopeful attitude toward her future… even though she is unsure she will go to college because of the stress of school, she is considering other opportunities.

One of her other interests other than art is tinkering with clocks. So she is thinking of going into horology. This is the art of clock making and repairs.

She has actually been learning about local clock makers in the area with the help of her best friend.

She wants to contact them after she graduates and explore the possibility of an apprenticeship with one of them.

I think that something like some type of apprenticeship would be good for Allie, because I think this is her learning style… hands on learning rather than book learning.

This is her own initiative. She is going to make the calls, rather than having us make the calls. This is her stepping beyond her own comfort zone as talking on the phone is very stressful for her.

So proud of her!


That is fantastic! Sounds like something she could do at her own pace.

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I know. I think they will be a benefit to her as well.

It is almost ironic that my daughter who also deals with chronophobia, the fear of the passing of time, wants to go into a career that is related to time, but maybe it’s because of the chronophobia that she is fascinated with clocks.

The father of one of the kids my wife teaches was very interested in hearing that my daughter is interested in working with clocks and watches. He has a good friend who fixes expensive watches and people come from great distance to this person to have their watches fixed… it sounds like the father might mention my daughter to his fiend for a possible apprenticeship…

We will see if anything comes from this or not.

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That would be great!

My son can’t find an appropriate school right now, but he said it’s okay because he is going to be a general manager for an NHL team. At least he isn’t concerned! :slight_smile:

I know people in my extended family who had not gone to college and have worked their way up the ranks to a manager job. But that was something like Walmart…
An NHL team… that sounds pretty big to me…

A person does not need to be a rock star or a doctor to live comfortably.
Apprenticeship into a trade like clock making and similar are perfectly fine methods of starting a career. Finding peace of mind, security and a measure of comfort every day is much more important. If she gains a sense of purpose and peace in working with her hands, she will be successful!