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The future as my daughter sees it

I think my daughter has pretty much decided to take a sabbatical from going straight into college right after graduation. She wants to work on getting her driver’s license during the summer so she can start working… probably might be a good idea to start on a part-time basis… she hasn’t given up in the idea of college completely… and she has a pretty good idea which college she might eventually go to, because she was impressed with their art program. Just not right away. I think it would be great if she could get a job at a pet store or a stable…
Her graduation will be a big accomplishment for her considering that her illness had made it such a challenge for her both academically and socially. She wants a small party with extended family and close friends only.


I think this could be a really good thing.
I learned a lot by holding off on college and going to work instead, personally.
It helped me to decide on a major, based on real world experience and understanding of the impact various degrees have on career.
I do believe a college degree is very valuable, but deciding on a career before seeing what some of the work might be like is extremely difficult.
If you asked me when I was 18 what I’d be doing now, I doubt the correct answer would even be in the top 10 of my responses. Probably true for most people.

So, she have an opportunity to learn the value of a college education by working without one. Hopefully, it will help her to put into perspective how much one job can impact lifestyle compared to another and help her to feel driven to pursue the lifestyle she wants, rather than the job title that sounds interesting.

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Windy, this illness can take many twists and turns in it’s development, so I think it’s a good idea to keep her close.


I think she is making a good choice. Work experience is something college doesn’t give one. And it gives something to fall back on if college doesn’t work later. She could always try an online college course while working part time. I did many of my classes online.

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One of the things my daughter has thought about is getting an apartment with another friend who also has mental health problems… also medication compliant… any comments on the wisdom of this?

They have been good encouragement to each other and seems to know when the other is struggling…

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