Housing court & mental health

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new here however I’ve lingered and observed for a while reading & trying to learn.

I’m here today looking for support of any kind & information… I’m literally drowning & I don’t know what to do!

I want to preface that with saying my son who I live with is diagnosed with schizophrenia & I’m his caregiver.

We live above our landlord, without going into tremendous details, our landlord is impossible. As soon as we moved in he was unbelievably invasive. Ok so we have section 8 housing voucher, which pays 98% of the rent. So he wanted us out, I have been looking since we moved in realizing it wasn’t going to work, but anyhow, he took us to housing court. My son was SECTIONED for 2 months, he is Head of household as well, when we applied they said best because he’s be eligible for emergency housing. the court went through a hearing and mediation without my son being able to attend. So I said yes I’ll leave I’ll look for a place, well I e have no luck and now we have been give 3 days to leave because when I agreed during meditation (I didn’t realize I could decline the agreement and say no) to find a place I was bound to this with no other course of action. My question is, what type of services or help can we get. I’m literally days away from he and I filling a backpack and having to hit the street on foot. I can’t bare it. The whole court thing is done. I understand many will have questions. I’d like to focus on help and networking to find emergency shelter/rooms for rent/apartment AVAILABILITY rather than could’ve should’ve etc… Thank you for reading this and any info or help is appreciated!!!

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Hi Moonshine814, I’m sorry no one has responded. It is so difficult to get a section 8 housing voucher, we probably don’t have many people with a lot of experience.

Where are you based? So very sorry for such a tragic experience on top of your son’s diagnosis. All of our hearts are breaking. Please let us know where you live and maybe we have some local NAMI resources.

true enough, it took a while to get it, I appreciate that so much, thank you!

If you haven’t already found another place, go to the nearest library and try the online resource for emergency housing that is accessed in many states by typing in the state abbreviation followed by housing search.org. For example, if you’re in Tennessee, you’d type tnhousingsearch.org., etc.

Sorry if that is really obvious. I find it all very confusing too and I would be drowning also if I were in your shoes. I just happen to know about that option and wondered if it might help you.

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I’ve found group housing options to suck a**. My SZ son learns about heroin addiction or living homeless but little else from those shi**y experiences. Lord hope you can find a roommate or put them in garage near you. Nothing but love.

@sando how is your son’s apartment and roommate working out? I’m sorry he quit his job. My daughter has kept hers for over a year this time, that is the longest she’s been employed since falling ill in 2016


Still going! Seems like a pretty good pairing. His roommate started work today, and still attends junior college so I’m hopeful he’ll reconsider his ‘work break’. But still living independently today. Thanks for checking in!

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