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Anyone deal with their family with psychosis

and who have been through the courts system?

my brother has been abused horrifically by his abuser and she is dragging her through the courts
he has been called to see a psychiatrist as potentially unfit to plead
he has been given a restraining order to stop her contacting him on line but she has contacted him since so as she re-offended it will be crown court on Monday
his diagnosis is unclear but severe PTSD and alcoholism and some psychosis long term are all now involved

Do you think she will be well enough to go and will go? My son had a speeding ticket etc and was in such psychosis at court he was in and out and in the bathroom and left before it was his turn. His father stood in for him twice. The second time he was in the hospital. Thank god he did and the judge was very helpful. I had written a letter to the court that we weren’t sure if my son was competent to stay in court long enough to be heard. They allowed us to get him evaluated for that and eventually when he was competent again we were able to address the speeding ticket. He almost got tossed in jail to wait to be evaluated by the state hospital - which can take years. We were very fortunate we had a good judge and that he father stood in for him.

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how did the process go towards him becoming competent again please?

yes he has complied with the court dates
he was arrested and held overnight originally
they treated him badly and she knows it would just get more serious

the paychosis he has is background spiritual stuff i believe with past lives
this has been fixed for 5 yrs

there is not full blown florid psychosis and his alcohol drinking is a major problem
he has spent 5 yrs isolating and suicidal

how did it work that he got into hospital?

was this not court ordered?

oh yes and she did run out of psychiatric appt, just got my mum to go back in with her

He was on medication for a few months and that made him waaay more clear. We went back to court where they said he was not competent to go to court from the evaluation. The judge then told us he would get another eval and our Public Defender said that they hospital would do it but no one ever did. I called, emailed etc. Then we went back to court again. And they said he had to get another eval and we explained they were supposed to have done that but didn’t. I said I could get another one as we didn’t want him stuck in that hospital (it was $600 btw) and then the PD, his father and told the judge that he was better than he has been in years, working etc and then the District Attorney read from a book that said the judge could deem my son competent and after talking to him for a while he did.

I believe this could help you in your request for a mental health hold.

Once I got the Mental Health Hold the cops take it from there. It is an order from a judge to get him. The Order also removes liability for the cops in case they harm or break something.

My son had barricaded himself in the house we lived in. About 12 cops came (I had given them all the details regarding where my son may be in the house, not a weapon kid, the layout) they had a negotiator and more cops up and down the street and an ambulance. I stayed out front in my car per their instruction). They went to the back of the house and they were going to lift the sliding glass door out of it’s frame and they were using a toolbar. Then my son started to grab the tool bar and then next thing that happened was the whole glass door shattered (I got reimbursed for the glass) and I think my son went out front where they got him on the ground and cuffed him. He was yelling “ouch, ouch”. I covered my ears. He kept saying ask my mom. I said I’m right here and he said, that’s not my mom, looks like my mom but that’s not her. (Common for sz people to think their loved ones are being impersonated). The cops took him to the hospital. His father visited. He said it was very bleak as they don’t give them a lot of stuff (in case they try to kill themselves). On the second day they transferred him to a Behavioral Health Unit where they were permitted to give him meds on a 24 hour basis - willingly or not. About a week later the doctor went to court with my son and the judge made the court ordered meds decision.

It was a rough few months. There were many ways things could have gone - he could have ended up in the state mental hospital 4 hours a way where they keep people for a very long time. We were very fortunate and the meds worked. He was in that unit for 3 weeks and then transferred to a transition house for 3 more weeks where he had counseling etc. (They closed that transition house just a month after he was there).


Thank you for your replies.
You have been through a lot - it makes me feel less alone and that there are people who understand when i talk about myself, my mum, my brothers

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Hi. Just to let you know you are definitely not alone in having these traumatic mental health issues. Indeed I’ve had very similar many times. Find time to recover for yourself as well eg time out for walk in a picturesque place or by the sea. Get perspective. Take care.

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my family has 2x schizophrenia and 1x enduring psychotic disorder (5 and a half years So far)
among my 2 brothers and i
I feel like this is unusual but maybe not in this forum
but then other families have aids or heroin or early cancer
sorry I did not mean to sound trite
Thank you for listening

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Sigh. Good timing for your son’s recovery. Bad timing for anyone needing help in the future.

It pains me that long term care is so hard to find. I am thankful I don’t need that now, as my daughter can live with me, but I really worry about what happens to those with no one to care for them.

@oldladyblue - On a positive note, they just opened a 45 M new Behavioral Health Unit in Boulder which has 18 beds. It is far superior to what we had last year. It is still short term with no transition home but at least they are heading in a better direction.

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Yes, anytime there are more beds available is a definite step in the right direction. That is positive. :slightly_smiling_face::notes: