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How can I help my family member?

He’s hiding from the family, I’m the only one he’ll talk to. He’s not aware that he is schizophrenic, and hasn’t been diagnosed, I’m almost (www) certain that he is, as he carries all the symptoms such as believing that his family is trying to poison him.

Please help him.


Hi Timothy, I really feel for you.Have you spoken to your GP? He or she should be able to put you in touch with your local Mental Health Team, who can assess him and provide him with the necessary treatment. You can’t make him well by yourself. I’ve learn’t over time that the best way of dealing with delusions is not to challenge them e.g. don’t say ‘your family is not trying to poison you’ rather, say "You think your family is trying to poison you’. Just keep reflecting back what your (brother? son?) says . This is called the ‘tidal model’ and means that if you don’t challenge the delusion it tends to drift away ‘with the tide’. And stay calm, keep family routines the same and most of all take care of yourself, Best of luck Alison


This is great advice and I have started to use it. Do you always do it even if what they are saying is dangerous?

What am I talking about? Most of what my son talks about is dangerous.