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[IMPORTANT] Could you please give me any advice on schizophrenic in our family!

English isn’t my native language, but I hope that you will understand me. This is going to be a long post, since I have no clue what to do next. Regards

My dad’s brother got diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was in his 20’s. At that time he was thinking that someone’s looking at him through walls, but nothing more. About 4 years ago he quit his job, due to big amounts of work which lead to depression. He still lives with his parents. 2 years ago he attempted suicide buy swallowing pills, after that he was hospitalized and started taking meds. Everything was going fine till the summer when he stopped taking his meds without saying anything. (In summer, in my spare time I always tried to take him out of the house, and he got happier and more active. He learned all countries and their capitals, etc). He had been going to a ‘magician’ who apparently helps people with incurable illnesses, so maybe he could’ve told him that meds are useless. So forward on his symptoms started to come back. He started posting dumb things on facebook all day. All of his friends blocked him because of the spam in their feeds. About a week ago there was a ‘hacker’ who attacked his wifi network, so spent couple of days by changing the wifi network password, changing security options, which lead to wifi no longer working on his PC. In a week he had gotten aggressive, he said bad things about particular nationality and that he would beat all of them up. I think that he doesn’t have voices, but hallucinations and nightmares. When we arrived at my grandads and grandmoms place, they couldn’t stand it anymore, because he was constantly talking about nightmare stuff to them. When we went to eat, we couldn’t do it properly because he kept swearing about nationalities that had harmed our country before and other stuff over and over. Then he started telling about how he deals with the ‘hackers’ and my dad said that there are no hackers, and that he should calm down. He got aggressive and closed his palms with angry look. We calmed him down and talked as nice as possible, because it was like in psychotic house. Couple days ago he called police about ‘hackers’, and they understood that he has some sort of illness, so they took him with ambulance to psychotic rehabilitation centre, where we thought that he would get some sort of medication for some time. But today we got news that he had said that he refuses to use meds and he has right to do so. (That’s true, you can’t hospitalize someone against their allowance. Doctors said that they will all think about doing it with force, since he had attempted suicide before, and his mother obligated about him getting meds). But if he doesn’t get hospitalized, then he will come out as psychotic . We are thinking about saying that he will have to live in his own appartement if he doesn’t take meds, since we don’t want him to harm our family members. What would be the best way to say that without making him go psychotic? Could someone suggest if there’s anything better to do?

! I would appreciate any help, because I want my family not to be stressed anymore.

P.S He’s 38 years old, and I think that he knows that he’s psychotic, because he said : "I’m psychotic, and I don’t give a s**."

Hello, and thank you for your post. This is a safe forum to ask questions. I am sorry for the stress on your family.

If your uncle is still living with his parents, one way to perhaps get him to be medicated, is for his parents to tell the hospital he is in now that he cannot come home if he isn’t medicated. However, they may just release him anyway.

Force medication is used if the person is dangerous to self or others, so another way is if he said anything threatening to report that to the doctors and perhaps they will take action.

I am sorry to say, that even if he is put on medication, he could stop taking it when out of the hospital.

The only success I’ve had with my daughter, was 5 forced hospitalizations, and a court order for her to be medicated. Yet, with the court order ended now, she may refuse to take her shot next month.

I built a separate entrance for her, and can keep her in her side of the house if she goes back into psychosis in order to keep myself and my husband safe when she is psychotic. It isn’t a perfect solution, but we couldn’t make her homeless.

I hope this helps you in some way. Reading on this forum was the BEST help for me int he past three years of our struggle with psychosis.

Good luck.