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How do you deal with strong negative opinions and feelings?

My brother seems like he is alcoholic as well as being schizophrenic. He’s recently has had a call out to have an assessment and he did not comply at all with it.
The main problem is that he is aggressive to myself and our Father (in other words non compliance)
The illness seems to have taken hold completely now with a huge change in behaviour about 6 weeks ago
he has been acutely ill a long time but only in the past 6 weeks has he become outright sectional

when all sense disappears - how do i cope with his outbursts? especially since i have to take a lot of care with my own condition he lives with our dad who hasn’t had a break for a long time. He is in his 80’s and can’t live like this much longer

The main thing is that he is aggressive towards me and father
i called the police a couple of weeks ago and have had nothing but hatred from him since. our father is trying his best as my brother accepts no other help and hates the police who were called out this time.

one day there will be either a death or a recovery (with medication, support and giving up alcoholism

Blow it off like it never happened. See any of my videos posted on this forum? Totally out of control wife, I play along, try to get her to laugh and change thought process… works on occasion…

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