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Very stressed and upset about husband's outbursts, but love him dearly

My husband with sz has had quite a few anger outbursts lately. I am very worried about him. Mostly his positive symptoms are yelling suddenly in a group of people, sometimes in a public place, today we were visiting his family and his brother has a 3 yo little girl, he screamed and shook his body and I think it scared her, it sure scares me. I was so angry at him for yelling in front of a little girl. I guess she is ok. But it is always scary when he does that. I try to blow it off, but I’m always stuck feeling angry and no way to express it. He seems to not be in much control of them. He does have a lot of insight into his sz. And I think this last outburst has motivated him to seek counseling so it can help him find ways he can express his anger in a more healthy way, maybe mitigate the outbursts. I love my husband and we enjoy our life together, so I hope we can figure things out.

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Anger can be an issue for anyone, and frequently scarry and stressful for everyone around. Is there any chance he could see a therapist to help him with his anger.

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Thanks very much for your reply, he is going to see a therapist this week that he has seen before and has helped in the past. I’m hoping that will make a difference.