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How does disability work in different countries

I would like to know how many family members get a disability pension.Does family members get cut off when they move in with someone who makes a normal pay check.In Canada when you move in with a boyfriend who makes maybe 25.00 an hr. est you are cut off.My daughter has schzio-affected disorder and they gave her nothing except her meds and some coverage for teeth cleaning and eye test.She had been working in a beauty salon before she came down with her disorder,so she receives a Canada Pension of 600.00 a month.I would like to know why they our giving people a job in the mental health to check to see if the people are ill are following the rules .I want to know why these jobs exists shouldn’t this money be given to the ones who need it

I know that our son received more when he moved into a place on his own. If someone were to move in with him, they would consider that person’s income and reduce his monthly check.

I am not familiar with Canada disability.

Here in the US, if a person’s disability check is low enough, they will qualify for ssi - a supplementary income. If a family member doesn’t qualify for disability at all, they can still qualify for ssi. Qualifying for ssi usually gives them access to state funded Medicaid.

My son receives ssdi, ssi, medicare and medicaid.

Mine is trying to work, which worries me. At support group and here, people have reported their family members making $5. over a monthly limit and losing all of their benefits. My SIL’s friend says her daughter recently lost her benefits when her employer gave her a raise. She was working 20 hours a month. My son can usually work 2 hours some weeks, and no hours other weeks. Another person said her daughter’s relief didn’t show up and her manager asked her to stay an extra 4 hours - and she lost benefits for going over the limit. Her job had been arranged by a state mental health program.

I don’t know if these stories are totally accurate, two of them I heard directly from the moms. I would like to think that a one time occurrence of such would not end benefits. I know my son has to report his income each month directly to social security.

From what it looks like on the social security website, if they exceed a certain amount they do lose their ssi, which would end their medicaid. If they have Medicare, medicaid is often paying for their medicare premium and the portion of their medical bills that Medicare doesn’t pay.

My son is on Employment Support Allowance Which is the UK disability payment. They also pay his rent. It’s just about enough to exist on but I give him extra for clothes and shoes and some treats now and then or he’d be miserable long term. There are two “groups” of ESA claimants. One group is supposed to look for work of some kind. The other group is left alone - considered ‘permanently unable to work. You can be moved from one group into the other. My son is in the ‘unable to work’ group but, of course, he has made huge strides in his recovery and could work now. The problem arises in that they push people into low paid and zero-hour contracts. It was the stress of not being able to pay his rent that triggered my son’s first psychotic break so I encourage him to ‘act schizophrenic’ when he goes for his assessment. I’m not kidding. I want to kill anyone who thinks that they can drive people into psychosis by their economic exploitation. Really. So we’ve been looking for a way out whereby my son can get a steady job that pays well. Since he has made a huge amount of progress since he started on monthly injectables, he’s now planning to go back to uni. It could all go horribly wrong, of course. But that will only take him back to square one and ESA. If he succeeds, on the other hand, it may improve his life immeasurably.
On the earning money thing, I believe he can earn up to £100 per week before they start cutting his ESA, but he hasn’t tried that yet