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Canada versus America for care and treatment and benefits


My wife and I are Canadian Citizens but live in the US. I’m thinking to the long term here, but is there any (good) difference between the state of medical care, the law, financial support available, etc. between these two countries that might make being based in one better than the other?

I’m hoping that there is someone on here that has lived in and dealt with both systems but, from everything I have read on here, in Canada it depends on which province you are in and which state south of the border. Then add on whether you are urban or rural which can also make a difference. I’m Canadian and can only tell you that where I am in rural Ontario, I have been able to advocate for decent treatment that costs me nothing but I have to drive distances to access. My understanding is that Alberta…especially Calgary, has much more advanced services and treatment available. I plan on moving there within the next two years to access them. As far as financial benefits, our Disability Support Program for financial, medical and dental benefits was quite easy for us to access here. Hope this helps a little.

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