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Does a person lose their disability if they marry

This is something that was always an issue with my bf and I. Hes been on disability since he was 19 (he’s 41). If we got married would he lose that money?

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No. Disability is individually determined based on his abilities to perform work. That does not change with marriage.

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Not in uk no… I’m married and on disability

I live in the US and I really think you lose it here. Because the govt says well now you both can live off the working one (me).

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Do you have citizens advise there? Or the equivalent?

If you live in the US, you might lose your disability. My daughter receives SSI. When she was married, her husband’s income was considered her income. A percentage of his salary was deducted from her SSI. He only worked part-time, but if he worked full-time, she would have lost it all together including her Medicaid.

Exactly what we were told. I work full time and make good money. So I’m sure he would lose his check.

Not important anymore anyway as we broke up.

And yes we’re in US.

Ssi and ssdi are two different things. Ssdi is disability and only has to do with being disabled. Ssi is a supplemental income that many of our family members also receive in addition to their ssdi (disability income).

Ssi can be affected by the incomes of other people in the household.

If a person’s disability income is below a certain level, they will also receive ssi to bring their income up to a certain level. It varies from state to state, but, usually being qualified for ssi also qualifies a person for Medicaid and Snap.

After a person is disabled for 2 years they become eligible for Medicare. Often Medicaid will pay part or all of the Medicare premiums and deductibles- it varies from state to state.

Edited to say- i believe you can only receive Medicare after two years if you receive ssdi. Many of our family members never worked or were too old when diagnosed to claim eligibility under a parent’s social security. Those family members only receive ssi and Medicaid and often SNAP.

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No it has no bearing on marriage. Once determined to be physically or mentally disabled the decision cannot be changed due to marital status.

In Canada yes My daughter was getting her Canada Pension and ODSP to make up her short in Pension.She moved in with her boyfriend and they cut her off her ODSP because his income they said was enough for the two of them to live on.They cant touch her Canada Pension because she hardly works maybe 6hrs a week .Too many hrs.a week or two many hrs.together makes her schziophernia flare up bably.