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How long does it take for a medication to work?

My brother had started taking Vrylar as his first medication 2 weeks ago. It worked in a week, his delusions went away and he started to tell us that he was hearing voices all the time.
His blood pressure went really high after 1 week and we took him to ER.
The day after ER, he finally got an insight that he is sick and he asked us for help, he was still hearing voices but no delusions ( he started panicking about hearing voices)
We took him to his pdoc, he changed the medication to seroquel.
Now he is on seroquel for a week. His symptoms are back even worse. He is at his room all the time and not talking with us anymore. I know that his delusions are back and he is talking to himself all the time .
His pdoc told us he should keep taking the medication.
So, do you have similar experience? I am not sure how much time we should give to this medication. I know it can take upto 4-6 weeks for a medication to work, but after taking it for 1 week, we should see a small change, right?

Take him back - we have been through 5 meds seroquel was the least effective. The voices shud be gone he should be sleeping and calm… if not then seroquel isn’t for him at that dose… the dr will help.

Thanks for the answer.
The voices are still there but he is sleeping fine.
We took him to doctor 2 days ago but he just increased the dosage.

I think it really depends on each individual. I met two people from nami support group. Seroquel was able to stop or lessen their voice. 300 mg is the minimum dose to stop the voice. Seroquel at least can make him sleep good for sure. Does his voice started before or after the seroquel? Best wishes! Keep us updated.

According to your love one’s experience, how do you rank those five medicines. At what dose does it stop the voice?

If he doesn’t get much side effect from it. I suggest to wait a little longer.

He is taking 200 mg per day now.
He has had voices starting 4 months ago.

Yeah that can take awhile for the medications to start working. I hope that you are able to find something that works. My mom uses Invega the shots are best known to helping people with hearing voices.

My son was placed on Seroquel and starting hallucinating giant spiders. He was taken off immediately…

How is your son doing now? Is he still on seroquel? Does the voice stop?

Thanks for asking.
No we went back to Vraylar and now after 10 days, his voices stoped and he does not have any delusion anymore.
It is like a miracle!
He is really depressed though, which I think is normal in transitioning from psychosis.
I am hoping he gets better and better. Nothing is predictable with psychosis though.
His doctor has not diagnosed him yet but he is thinking of BPD 1 with psychotic features.

So glad that his voice stopped. Any side effects? Maybe adding some antidepressant will help the depression.

Insomnia, muscle stiffness, and headache.
He is taking other medications to take care of those.

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