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Vrylar- What do you think of it?

My son is taking Vrylar for sz. It so far has been working for him. Want to know if anyone has any thoughts about it?

My son has been taking Vraylar since May 6 and has stair stepped up the dose. The lower doses caused more anxiety and some psychosis but improved cognitive ability. He has just increased to 9mg - he continues to benefit from it in both cognitive and auditory hallucinations. He also takes 800 mg Serequel, propranolol for anxiety, and Trazadone to sleep.

It has taken awhile to work and many times he wanted to go off, but now he believes it is working better than his original AP, Serequel for voices, paranoia and concentration.

Did Vraylar work for your son?

You may want to check the diagnosed board to see what people are saying about it - you can see a search on the topic “vrylar” here:

Is your son still on vraylar?