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My girlfriend still having symptoms and started risperdal one week ago 4mg daily

Im wondering how much is the proper dosage.
My girlfriend was recently diagnosed…but I think has had this for a long while.
She is trying so hard…but still having symptoms and hears voices and thinks its a different year and has ideas that plots are against her. She is such a sweet person and I love her. I am trying to help take care of her. I am surprised she is still having symptoms like she is since she has been on this medication for a week already.
She takes 2 mgs in the am and 2 mgs in the pm.
Also she has a difficult time sleeping.
Any help is certainly appreciated.
I didn’t know whether to post this in family or in medications category…so I apologize if its not in the proper venue.
I feel like half the time I am totally helpless and have no idea what I’m doing…which is fairly accurate.
Thanks and God bless.

Every person is different when it comes to meds. Some respond in days, others respond in weeks or months. You will have to be patient to determine if this is the right med for her and how long it’ll take her to respond. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t rush med effectiveness, especially starting out. I certainly hope all goes well from here on out. She is fortunate to have you!!

Maybe she is like me. I have only been on medication short term, and all it did was sedate me, but several symptoms did not go away. I am hoping that it’s the case that I haven’t tried the right med for me yet, or the right dosage, or that I needed to be on it longer. I recently made a thread here asking others how long it took for their medication to fully work, and some reported that it took months. Hang in there.

Family is the right category.

Medications can take some time to work and it’s also a journey with a doctor to find the best medications for each person.

My daughter is recently diagnosed, we are over a month into beginning medication, and I can tell already that hitting on the right medication and the right dose is going to take some time. This has been a bumpy road so far.

It takes a lot of patience.

Sorry to hear your girlfriend is suffering. It can take a little while to find the right meds.

My son is on the same dose, 2mg morning and 2mg evening. I have noticed some improvement but it hasn’t completely tamed the voices. He is due to see the psychiatrist on Tuesday where I expect she will increase his dose again.
We are still very new to this, he was only on 0.5mg 2 months ago for anxiety, then his diagnosis changed everything.
I hope you can get some help for your girlfriend, she is very fortunate to have such a patient guy.

I take 6 mg of risperdal a day and it took about a month for symptoms to improve. But everybody’s different

I think it is typical to want to try a medication for 4-6 weeks at least. It is frustrating because we want to see relief quickly, and if it doesn’t work, you feel like you have lost valuable time. But that is how it typically goes, until you hit on the right med at the right dose.

A week was not long enough for my meds to work. I took 2 mg twice a day of risperdal like her and it took me a good three months for the meds to finally work right. And word to the wise if she has trouble with weight gain and lactation on risperdal you might wanna try Latuda


It would be great if you could ask her pdoc to have her take all 4mgs at bedtime. He can also add the medications benztropine and hydroxozine to help with tremors and sleep.

I’m on 3mgs of Risperdal and I take 50mgs of hydroxozine and 2mgs of benztropine. I take them all at once in between 8 and 9pm. This helps me to sleep. I started to wake up fairly quickly with my meds, but I still had to go through the journey through childhood, teenager, and back to adulthood.

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Risperidone is usually taken twice daily because of it’s short half-life. It’s effects can wear off before the next dose when only taken once.

My son also takes Risperdal 2mg twice daily. For him, the difference is extraordinary. He has a few minor breakthrough symptoms and his psychiatrist increased him to 6 mg/day but that made him very restless, emotional, dizzy, and unable to sleep. She backed him down to 4.5 and he’s doing well on that. He is using Benedryl (by prescription) to aid with sleep. I hope that your girlfriend finds the right med and dose soon. Best wishes!