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How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?

Hi Hope, Thank you for your reply. To me, having read a lot of your past posts, I feel that having your son on his own is a GREAT BIG step even if things don’t go exactly well or as planned. Especially with the length of time he’s been suffering from this horrible illness plus anosognosia.

At least there was a bit of a change in Texas law, change comes very slowly in the legal/political world.

Sigh. So sorry that your son and his lawyer were able to undo your work to help him.

Thank you, I am now checking into the possibility that getting guardianship can be cost free where I live. I have an appointment with a free legal center that helps senior citizens (since I will be officially eligible for “early retirement” on my birthday in November). It would make all the difference if there could be some state or county support for me and my daughter.

Would be so great if you could get guardianship for free, such a good step that would be towards federal, state and county help.

I am grateful every day that Jeb doesn’t live here anymore. It feels odd to write that, but its true. We tried and tried to make it work, he just didn’t want it at all. He does seem to do better when he is not around his dad.

Knowing the “before” Jeb would expect me to get him on meds is the hardest part of my failure to do so.

Hope, I totally can understand that you are grateful that your son is on his own. You have been very valiant on his behalf for years, well, decades. You didn’t fail to “get him on meds”, you did what you could and being on meds just wasn’t possible for him. The interplay of personal desire, laws, and financial ability affects the outcome of every bad situation in life. As you know, I feel anosognosia is the horrible enemy with psychosis. Despite that, you kept him alive, helped him learn to live without posing a danger to others, and he has left “the nest”. I’d say you’ve done a very good job.

I am beginning to accept that a person has a right to not accept or seek treatment unless they themselves desire it. I keep remembering the judge who said, “It isn’t illegal to be psychotic.”

I appreciate your upbeat attitude and your willingness to help everyone on this site with insights from your own experiences. You’ve helped me (and many others) by sharing your struggles with your son.


If I have been able to help others, it would be really nice because other people who have family members with scz have helped me every step of the way. Sometimes dragging me to back to my feet with their experiences when it feels hopeless at my end.

When your family member is unmedicated due to anosognosia you never really know what is the next step to take. After you take steps to help, you often never know if you helped your family member or not.

We would like to think we helped Jeb by bringing him home and building the garage apartment so he could have his own space. Maybe it did help, thanks to ssdi and ssi he didn’t have to work and could just focus on living with his scz while he was out there all by himself. At first we grocery shopped for him and I prepared his meals. Maybe, we don’t know, but maybe, he did learn to handle his scz somewhat during those 2 years. If nothing else, he figured out he did NOT want to keep living there and he did take steps to get himself back out on his own.

I do think his scz continued its slow worsening. We’ve lost his presence at holidays, his really bad days have become worse and there are less and less better days. That he wanted to do CBT so he could grocery shop for himself because he became convinced I was medicating him through the groceries was a bad news/good news event. His paranoia worsened, yet he took steps that helped him. He researched and came up with CBT all on his own. He also came up with his idea of a job that he could do and only had to work when he was having a good enough day. No worries about working days when the psychosis has him spun up.

This isn’t the first time he has left here to try it on his own. Over the years, before we knew he had scz, we restarted him over and over. Same story always, it goes well until it doesn’t. Now that we know its scz, at least we don’t sit here and hope that this will the time he suddenly becomes the person that he was going to be before the scz took that away.

He has stayed alive, whether that’s been sheer luck or what, I don’t know.

I do think Dr Amador is correct in that Jeb will never take meds unless he wants to take meds, or has a reason to take meds that I have not been able to provide.

I used to question - way back in the beginning- whether or not Jeb had the “right to not be medicated”. The last deputy we had here after the rock event used the more crude phrase when he wouldn’t help us. He said “its not against the law to be crazy”.

I’ve written this quote before, I agree with it.

“The opposition to involuntary committal and treatment betrays a profound misunderstanding of the principle of civil liberties. Medication can free victims from their illness—free them from the Bastille of their psychoses—and restore their dignity, their free will and the meaningful exercise of their liberties.” Herschel Hardin, 1993

From my standpoint of Jeb not being unmedicated, I think I would be okay if he were one of the folks that just improved somewhat with medication. I would like to have his torment eased, even if it was only somewhat better. Some what better seems like much more than nothing, but what a huge disappointment it would be if we finally got him on meds and didn’t get our Jeb back.


I tried to get my daughter to take anything, meds or naturopathic supplements. It is impossible and the revolving door to the hospital and mountains of stress is incredible. The homeopathic doctor that does homeopathic remedies is a big hope, but she refused that too. I went online to see the choices and there are about 8 different ones. I selected the remedy that matches her symptoms more than any of the others. Praying constantly, talking with God, Jesus and others. Actually believes she is having live conversations with them.

The stramonium in the strength of 200C was an instant success. She went from showering with clothes on and walking the neighborhood with wet clothes and being mostly unresponsive to being in the moment, helping clean the house and her room, actually watching a whole movie and not just 2 or 3 minutes and then walking away. It is supposed to be a 2 year program so I will have to see what I can do to get guidance since she will not go herself. I am giving it to her without her knowledge, but it is better than what was happening. I hope it lasts and she can come to her senses to go to the doctor. It has only been 6 days, but it is a miracle already.

@Kellyshayne This is good info. I’m so glad this is helping your daughter! Smooties? How else are you getting this in her?

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Other over the counter medicines/supplements that have been shown to be helpful as add-on treatment in studies are: aspirin, vitamin D, cyproheptadine ( serotonin antagonist similar to clozapine, over the counter in some countries), famotidine (Pepcid), and Pregnenolone.

Progesterone (usp, good products are available online) and thyroid medication (also available online …bodybuilders use t3 to cut) can also be helpful.

I have given all of the above to my son in smoothies in the past. He now willingly takes a few of them.

Edit: I forgot minocycline (antibiotic) and loratadine (otc anti histamine-Claritin)
From wiki on loratadine-
In structure, it is closely related to tricyclic antidepressants, such as imipramine, and is distantly related to the atypical antipsychoticquetiapine.[20]

I put it in her herbal tea. Anything she is eating or drinking. It is supposed to be taken by itself, but I have read stories of women that put remedies for grumpy husbands in their soup.
Today my daughter is going through all of her files. That has been years since she has done that.

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Do you get the stramonium in little pellet form? Or in a powder?

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It is small pellets that taste like sugar. Remember the are 8 choices and you should be sure to get the one that matches the symptoms best.

Is there a particular website you found to put in the symptoms? I think I saw on one thread you said to google homeopathic for schizophrenia? I can’t find that thread. Thanks!

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The Herschel Hardin quote is something I haven’t seen before.

It took me over 8 months to get over my own fear & loathing (of myself) to involuntarily commit my daughter. It hurt each time, my own heart. 3 commitments had results did NOT give me back my daughter in any semblance of her past life. One commitment, the last one, was a miracle, and she was there in herself again, my lovely daughter. That I couldn’t keep her on those meds…, that anosognosia was still the winner…, that she learned her way around involuntary commitment…, shows how smart she is, however, she built that Bastille around herself again: her psychosis is her keeper.

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Old lady blue, the first involuntary commitment and treatment of my child was one of the most painful things I ever had to do, but I absolutely agree with the Hershel Hardin quote @hope posted.

Those groups who work hard to oppose involuntary commitment and treatment are not protecting our loved ones. Instead they are taking their freedoms away. They just don’t understand.


Do you know if it Can be taken if one is on medication ?

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Yes it can and it is typically used with meds as a goal to lower and eventually eliminate the need for the meds. There are homeopathic doctors that use this method and that is what my intent was from the beginning was to see the doctor that specializes in this personally, but I couldn’t talk my daughter into going, so out of desperation I ordered the remedy that matched her symptoms. The clinic is and they specialize in mental health and people go there from all around the nation. It is $600 for the first visit and $125 a month after that. The program is two years long and then supposedly there is a cure, but not always. I personally do not care if there is a cure, although I would love it if it is so. I only know that my daughter is doing better every day and the only thing she is on is the homeopathic and after only one week she is driving and making calls and having company over. It is a miracle.
She has been in the hospital 5 times since the end of Feb. and symptoms were regular streaking, starving and walking around at all hours of the night. It is great to have my daughter back. I only hope that I can figure out a way to keep her on this since right now she has no idea she is on it.


Wow! That is an amazing change for you and your daughter. I am so happy for the both of you AnnieNorCal

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