How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


@Vallpen Did you need your son to agree or sign anything to petition to be his guardian? My brother was doing so well, but now refuses to sign poa. Of course right after everything has switched counties and conservatorship has been terminated he doesn’t want to cooperate. :persevere:


@calicakes, how frustrating!

I don’t know how much the procedure varies from state to state. My son was assigned a lawyer, but was so paranoid at the time that he wouldn’t meet with him, so never even came to the court. I suspect your brother would also be offered representation, and would be given the opportunity to state his position.

Has someone such as a social worker sat down with him to discuss what a POA would impact him? Maybe having a neutral person to discuss it with would help him understand how it could help him.


Oldladyblue, I appreciate your hope for my son to maintain a bit more, his pattern usually doesn’t work that way, but hey, still hoping for a residual period to start and be better for him some day. By my figures he has suffered from scz for 22 years. I know that his type, insidious can just keep slowly worsening all of his life, but that is not a 100% certainty.

So sorry that your daughter got fired again. Big deep sigh. This illness seems to button down all the corners so they can’t enjoy anything, not even a simple walk around the block with mom and dogs.

I am glad you were able to sleep 8 hours in a row for a second time this month. The things we used to take for granted in this world.

Really was excited when I heard last year that Texas was passing laws to help our family members with anosognosia, was just as disappointed when having the laws on the books changed so little.


Hi never-to-become
I also live in toronto canada my son has been in the hospital 3 times by court order. The last time he was in the hospital for one month when he got out he was also on a CTO. He was doing quite well he was receiving invega shots once a month. The CTO was renued after 6 months. Then ny son got himself a lawyer and got the CTO revoked do to a technicality which was that the doctor failed to give my son a copy of the sighned form. The illness was never talked about.
Now my son is saying that the doctors were trying to kill him. If we try and put him in the hospital again he will just get the same lawyer. The lawyers name was Tom Mcgiver it’s all about the money I never met such a horrible man.
So glad your daughter is doing well.