How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


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I can tell when my son’s psychosis is gearing up because the first thing that happens is he switches from sleeping at night to sleeping in the day. He will work hard to get his hours straightened out and get a regular schedule going, just to have it all go topsy turvy. Mine has trouble sleeping when the psychosis starts ramping up towards a new episode. During a bad episode or psychotic break he doesn’t sleep at all. Which really makes it all worse.


My sons on a roll now with alcohol , now he goes in his overdraft and then asks me to help him out when he’s sober . I tried to take the bottle off him yesterday but he fought it off me and locked his door :frowning:️Waiting for him to sober up now he’s just drinking and sleeping


Ugh. Alcohol is the worst. We had a very bad episode when my sz ex started drinking hard alcohol every nite. Previously, he never drank, having grown up in a family of alcoholics.

I wouldn’t try to wrestle the bottle away from him again. You could get hurt. Maybe try talking to him when he’s sober ( and needs miney😊). Set some house rules about drinking? Until then, I wouldn’t harp on the issue. No need to get everyone agitated. Wait for a calm minute.

How is he when he drinks? Does he just stay in his room?


Hi there jan .he stays in his room when he drinks excessevley .all I can here is bangs and bottles rolling on the floor .and he was talking aloud . It was the middle of the night :frowning:️Yes your right I had to be calm and wait for the right moment to talk to him , which was just a few hours ago .i made him something to eat and he said he wouldn’t do it again .


Ok I haven’t done a new thread and didn’t find it searching as well. Your son’s experience sounds similar to us and I was just curious if there is a general pattern for patients. Since she refuses to be treated, we don’t even have an official diagnose. (other than from her LCSW)
Up most of the night that I can tell and coming quickly downstairs to go straight outside. We were woken up this morning at about 4am to her loud laughing in the kitchen by herself in the dark. Between 3 and 4 seems to be her literal witching hour. I will try to figure out how to make a new thread to ask about new episodes. Thank you for the response


What is with the laughing? I guess it’s better than crying and yelling? Mine laughed for about a month.


Last month when she would laugh it didn’t sound like her normal voice which was really odd and disconcerting, but now for the past 3 days it sounds like her. She is also singing her new favorite song "Supernova"loudly with her head phones on while working on a new art piece on her tablet. This can be a teeny bit annoying at times when we are trying to watch something on TV but I just love hearing her voice after days of being so flat and not speaking it really doesn’t bother me, yet.


That is great to hear. My son’s laughter was not his normal. Agreed odd and disconcerting.


My daughter, age 28 is in the mental hospital again as of yesterday. I had to call the crisis team to come get her as she would not stop streaking. This past week it became progressively worse and it went from once on hour to every other minute. I visited her in the hospital today and she is super angry, she said she is moving out and that she was in total control. At least this state has an option of taking conservatorship over her and putting her in a managed facility for a while to teach her how to manage her illness. It has to begin while she is admitted involuntarily. She was just in from March 1-14 and now she is in again. This is what no meds looks like for her at this time.


While I am glad you live in an area with good support in times of a crisis, I am sorry that she is needing hospitalized again already.


Kellyshayne, this illness is bad enough, but when it makes our children do such outrageous things, it’s 100 times worse for the family.

We’ve often been in the same boat as you, but with outrageous things our son has said to people. We often can’t take him anywhere. It’s so isolating for all of us.

I’m so sorry your daughter is so ill at this time.


I am so sorry Kellyshayne, I didn’t even think about how upsetting the streaking would be for you. I just focused on the seemingly miraculous fact that you could make a call and receive help.

Worrisome to think I am getting numb to the distress the unmedicated behaviors can cause.


@Kellyshayne - I had to do this for my son last week as well. This is his first time in the hospital. He won’t see us but he’ll did call me. My guess is he will be in for a while. I am in CO. When they released your daughter last time was she on meds and they went off?


My son laughing changes—sometimes it is jolly sometimes not so much. I guess we all do have different types of laughter, but his comes out of nowhere sometimes. But then I remember he is responding to his internal stimulus and not paying any attention to the rest of us. It is weird. Lately however he must see a strange look on my face, because he will say sorry I was somewhere else.
He lives on his own now and admits he laughs late at night as well as talks loudly to himself.


After a year of being told my 30 yr. old son was sz he his gone. He didn’t believe he had any problems and couldn’t understand why his friends stopped coming around.
Would not take any medication , but would self medicate. Had been living on the streets for the last 3 months. Found $200.00 in an old bank account. He was found in a cheap motel with 5 capsules 2 MT and 3 still full and $30.00 still in his pocket
So was he trying to hurt himself or just medicating himself
All that being said Don’t ever stop trying to help
Would MEDs have helped?

Love You Charles


This is awful, I am heartbroken for you - it’s so hard to keep our kids with scz alive. So many sons and daughters lost.

Surely he was just trying to make himself feel better by self medicating.

I won’t ever stop.


I’m so sorry KDKMAN. That is absolutely tragic. Peace to you all. Peace to Charles.


While talking to my son’s doctor yesterday, I commented that living on his own might continue to work if Jeb moves often enough. I have noticed he will be okay for a while somewhere new, it takes time for his delusions to become a problem in a new place.

The doctor said, “Yes, the longer he lives somewhere, the more “proof” he gathers that the delusions are real”

I have added this to my knowledge regarding paranoid delusions.

First, paranoia is about jumping to conclusions. Their brains jump to conclusions THEN they gather “evidence” of those conclusions being real. As we all know the scz changes the reality to fit paranoid purposes. Their “evidence” is false.

In my son’s case the delusions become hardwired into his life. We brought him home to keep other people safe and in doing so, unknowingly, we basically undercut his trust in us. Living so close to us we became the target for his scz based paranoia.

As wise teacher from FtF said - it’s only hindsight that is 20/20 in this business.


Rest in peace Charles :heart:️So sorry for your loss.


So, so sorry for your loss.