How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


If you are in the States you should be able to have the police come and do a Wellness check. If he is super bad and that doesn’t work you can get an emergency mental health hold. You have to talk to a county attorney for that - which for me was free and the police came and got him and took him to the hospital. Long story. If you want more info let me know.


So sorry to hear this! I’m sure his parents are beside themselves. So rough.


I have had some success falling back asleep using this method and it really works at least for me.

Lay on your stomach and turn your head to one side, arms at side (slightly bent), toes slightly turned in. This is actually a pose we do in yoga. Then count to 100 over and over and over again. You can turn your head to the other side and keep counting. Just a thought.


My daughter is home after 40 days in the hospital and trying to gain conservatorship. She passed the forensic interview a few days before the hearing and therefore there is no conservatorship and she was released. She had a super hard time with meds and having massive headaches, numbness in her extremities and severe thought block. She asked for a reduction in meds every day and to see a medical doctor to evaluate her, but was denied. They said that she was making up the symptoms and would not believe her, but I know they were real symptoms. After she was released she googled her symptoms and it appears that the dosage they had her on was giving her mini strokes. She wouldn’t go see a regular doctor once she was out and the numbness continued for about 5 days after her release, gradually subsiding. She quit her meds the second she was released and I tried to get her on some naturopathic supplement. Black Seed Oil worked for as long as she was taking it, but she quit that a week ago and she is sliding downhill again. I worry about her being in a 51/50 again and her having strokes. It is really a mess. She has tiny veins and poor circulation to begin with, and the meds further constrict her circulation.


I am so sorry Kellyshayne. You would think 40 days in the hospital would count for something towards a conservatorship. But, yes I know better. My son, so far, is always be able to pass a forensic interview also. What a nightmare the meds were for your daughter. I am so sorry they did not believe her and either reduce or try a different med.


Oh that is a simple and easy thing to try, I will do it tonight if/when I wake in the middle of the night. It is easy for me to fall asleep the first time…


Yes, sigh, I totally understand. So many I know have just quit their meds on release, including my daughter. I can’t even get her to take vitamins or herbs anymore. It sounds like the meds were soooo bad for your daughter this time, I really don’t understand why the hospitals don’t do simple medical evaluations while a person is there for mental evaluation and to say she was making up the symptoms, ugh.


Wecome, Meridee68, thanks for joining our site and conversation. It depends where you live, but there seem to be actions one can take for involuntary commitment in almost every locale, although the rules and names of the laws differ. In Florida, it is called the Baker Act. It took me over a year to get my daughter held in a mental hospital the first time, after many tries with the police coming to our home.


thank u forf writing to me, and yes i would love to hear more about it cause i would like to know that im not the only one. and yes i am in the states but the state that i live in { Washington} we have to have his consent but in his eyes there is nothing wrong with him its the rest of the world. he has gotten so so much worse in the past 6 years and it makes me sad, scared, and all i want is for him to get evaluated cause a half an hour with him im am positive that they will see how bad it is.


It might be worth moving to another state if he agreed. In California a “crisis team” will come out with the police for an evaluation and take him to the mental hospital if he qualifies. It is tough to qualify though, I have had my daughter in 3 times this past year and her state of mind had to be at the bottom before they took her. All I had to do was call the crisis team and also call the police or sometimes the crisis team will call the police. They arrive as a surprise to the mentally ill person and an interview begins. You will have to provide some background upon your request to have them come see you.
Perhaps Oregon would work for you as well.


My son also was on a CTO after he was released from his 3rd hospital stay he was on Invaga 100mg once a month he was doing really well but said he couldn’t stand the sidefects and was very angry with me for putting him in the hospital and the CTO. He got himself a real shister of a lawyer. Who got his whole treatment revoked. He has now been off all medication for one year. Up till now he was doing not to bad but now he’s been acting hyper and ajetated. He has absolutely no insite what so even. He owns a house very run down I have been paying for everthing and looking after the biils. Now I’m having the basement waterproof because it smelled moldy My son gutted the basement the people should be coming in about 4 weeks I’m also doing a new roof. Hopfully he won’t be sicotice when these people come. I’m going to have to work two more years to pay fore this.
I feel just so alone and don’t know what to do anymore.
Thank you all for this forum


We just pay and pay don’t we? I had to pay thousands of dollars this spring after my son moved out. He destroyed walls, cabinets, windows coverings, electrical fixtures and outlets.


My dad is unmedicated. He is laying on the couch watching youtube videos and yelling at me when I talk to him about the progress I want to make in life, as usual.


Can you tell us more about your dad and your history with him?


If you want to learn about the laws in your state regarding civil commitment (and other information such as key issues, assisted outpatient treatment, etc.), they can be found on the Treatment Advocacy Center website. Regardless of what you believe about medications, it is good to be familiar with the laws, advocacy for persons (and their families) with mental illness, etc.


I totally understand. I often get yelled at when I try to talk to my daughter. It works best if I just talk in a short sentence and keep the conversation to only one subject.

How are things today?


Thank you. I’ll try that. Things are going well today. How was your day?


Sorry for the late reply.

My dad has had SZ since his 20s but we didn’t find out until about 9 years ago. He doesn’t want to take his meds because he says they make him feel worse. He’s on SSI (thank God), and I work full time. He’s always asking me for money and I pay most of the bills. It’s so hard. I’m so behind in life because I didn’t have the support that most people have. My friend gave me here old car, and he’s taken over it basically because I only have my learners license. Keeps putting off teaching me how to drive.

He is very paranoid of people outside our race. Our current side of town is populated by a different race than us, so he spends the whole day at a park on the other side of town while I’m at work. Honestly, I would love to get married so I can get out of this situation.


Today, I made an omlet and an English muffin for my daughter, and went off to work. I knocked on the door, said “Here’s breakfast”, she stopped talking to her voices, opened the door, said “yummy” when she looked at the plate, took it, and shut the door again, resuming talking to her voices. She was almost hoarse this AM from talking so much last night. Tonight after work, I knocked on the door and said, “Delivery service for dinner!” and she opened the door, took the food, and I said "A new movie is at the Cinema Café tomorrow, Tom Cruise, maybe we can go. She smiled and said “sounds good” and then shut the door. I sure wish we had more conversations, but at least she took the food twice today, and didn’t yell at me. So it was a good day.

I’m sorry that your dad took over your car. Gosh. I wish you had a friend or a boyfriend who could teach you to drive. I hope your dad will give your car back to you. I understand about being behind in life because you don’t have support most people have. I think everyone on this site can understand not having enough support or appreciation.


You are really bearing quite a lot on yourself. Has your dad every tried meds?