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How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


My afflicted unmedicated sister doesn’t respond to any form of communication. I get to tell her one thing or two without her response but it’s not enough… I read about Alogia negative symptom…

Any of you deal with zero communication from afflicted unmedicated loved one?

One month is over off three month visit… I’m running out of time… I don’t want to think it’s impossible for her to give me a sign, anything before I leave… I want her to come with me to a better place than the place where she had stressors and went worse…


If you haven’t already, you might want to post your question about zero communication on a new thread with added details about your sister’s scz and current status. Schizophrenia has sub-categories (my son has a highly paranoid version).

You have mentioned alogia - you suspect your sister is not capable of speech?


Thank you @hope I don’t know if she has it but she doesn’t speak nor gives me the time for me to speak, I asked her to respond however she wants in writing or any other way if she “doesn’t want” to speak… I will post a new thread now as advised, thank you :heart_decoration:


Hopefully you will get some responses, unmedicated or medicated - there are still a lot of similarities.


I know your pain of watching a loved one suffer from unmedicated psychosis @Love_Hope, @Margi, @fleetingrose However, I think that is changing for me. I am hopeful, truly hopeful, for the first time in years. I am not scared. I am not second guessing my own actions.

Today, I was called by the p-hospital and told that the p-doctor wanted me to be my daughter’s health care proxy. She was involuntarily committed directly from jail Monday, after being arrested Sunday for creating a disturbance and running in and out of traffic, after the judge asked me at arraignment if there was some way he could help me, and I said she needed medical evaluation.

This is the same daughter who calmly played the game of Life in her room with me 2 weeks ago. The same daughter who 3 years ago was a model of young life, independent and working. Sigh.

However, this is the first time I have been allowed contact with her doctor/the staff when force hospitalized. Good news. I allowed them to medicate her, and if needed force inject her.

I have been a member of this forum and in particular the “unmedicated” thread for a half a year, and thanks to the support of wonderful people here, and NAMI, I realized that my seriously mentally ill daughter was going to continue to worsen overall if I couldn’t somehow get her on meds. I couldn’t do it in the past legally and honestly due to laws set up to “protect” her. This time, medication is ordered by a judge. So, despite being told by the receptionist at the hospital that “we don’t know if she is or isn’t a patient here” I faxed the court case papers to the hospital “in case she is being held there, pass this to her doctor”, I was contacted within hours to be health care proxy. This time she will HAVE to continue on medication, or go back to jail as she is on supervised ROR, ordered to live with me and medicate. I have hope for the first time, that we will have her on medication long enough to break her 2.5 year psychosis.

Thank you to all of you on this forum who helped me to become strong enough to go to court for my daughter. I couldn’t have done it without support from other caregivers who shared. I wish many days of hope for all of you and your loved ones.


This is such good news! I am so happy for you and your daughter:)


This is really good news thanks for letting us know. I will be thinking of you.


Wonderful news, please keep us updated.


I also share your joy and hope . My son has also started medication after resisting for so long I can see good results already . I wish your daughter so much strength and please keep us updated with her progress


I went to see her today, she called me and was happy I would visit. I went immediately as it is a good sign that she is asking for me. After 5 days of oral medicine, they did give her an involuntary depot injection of Haldol, and she is much calmer, and is able to hold a conversation. It should last for 30 days. She says she knows why she was arrested, however she can’t explain what happened coherently. She says she was communicating mentally with the police. There is a court date at the hospital for involuntary placement due to lack of competency on Dec 12th which I will attend. I hope the hospital can keep her until she is stabilized.

Thank you for your good wishes and thoughts. I hope your homes are calm.


This is all very good to hear. Things will continue to get better and you will see more and more of the girl you used to know. The cognitive impairment and challenges with expressive language will take some time to improve, but it will happen. Enjoy this period of hope. Sleep well.


Two years unmedicated, until when? Absolutely no life out their room and not going out of the tiny house, absolutely no word with anyone… anyone here with unmedicated loved one? What’s their status now? What do and don’t they do?


Hi Love_Hope, my son remains unmedicated. He tried meds twice, once for a week and the second time for a few days. His psychosis has been active for at least 9 years. He is 36 now. He has never been hospitalized for scz. His prodromal period might have started in high school, was definitely present his second year of college.

His schizophrenia is paranoid based and insidious. Possibly he has been able to do more because his scz worsened very slowly. He did not become disabled by it until he was 31. He graduated from college and worked for several years at different jobs with less success as time passed.

Last I knew he was still showering regularly. He can fix simple sandwiches and warm up pasta products. He works at his job a few hours every couple of weeks.

Most of the time he is muttering to his voices. He did work with a trained therapist in CBT and learned how to grocery shop again after not shopping for several years.


Quoted below :heart_decoration:


This is so heartwarming for me, I’m sure that you as a caring mother want the best for him but what he’s able to do is very good for being unmedicated, isn’t? :heart_decoration:


People say its not unusual for people with the paranoid version to be more on the functional side. He is living how he chose, he did not want to live here with us anymore and he made it very clear.

I think we family members always want more for them. The idea of letting him go to his journey was very difficult. Our instincts are to take care of them and help them get to a better existence. So many of our family members were people with great promise for bright futures before scz entered their lives.

One of the medicated people from the other side of the forum came here and said how difficult it was to be around their parents as their parents missed their child before scz and it made the medicated person feel bad. I have tried since then to only be positive with my son and embrace who he is now. I don’t want him to feel bad about his life and who he is now.


This is wisdom, I want to be this …


Me too, and its something we can give them.


My son is so delusional now. He got his disability money and spent it in one day. He told me that people are coming into his house and taking it out of his wallet then he called me to send him money because he hasn’t eaten in two days. So I sent him 100.00 cash 100.00 grocery gift card and 50.00 for the dollar store. Then he said he should be good he bought lots of food. The next day he calls to say while he was sleeping on the couch they came and took everything and he has not eaten in two days he is so hungry to order him a pizza. So I did he through it out said it was bad. He also through out his bed said it was conterfit. He has thrown out everything already. I called a psychiatrist I’m just so beside myself I just didn’t know what to do anymore.I’m not sleeping, feeling sick with stress and uncontrolled fear. When I told the psychologist assistant that my son has schizophrenia she said that they couldn’t help me. I just don’t know what to do anymore I don’t know if I can take it much longer. Thanks for listening.


I’m so very sorry for what you are going through