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How many of you know someone who is not family but is suffering from mental illness

I work in healthcare as a disability case manager. The number of cases I’m seeing for mental illness far exceeds cases with physical ailments such as back surgery, heart issues, diabetes etc

Daily I’m seeing cases come across my desk and diagnoses that we all discuss on this forum. Sz, mania, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, mood disorder etc. it goes on and on.

I’m also seeing some familiar meds that we all discuss on this forum that are being prescribed : Lithium, Risperadol, Haldol, Zyprexa, Geodon, Cogentin

Many many sad stories too of mostly parents with kids who have a mental disorder.

Oh how I can relate! Even though I would never discuss my sons condition with any of my clients, I can so relate!

Mental illness is far more prevalent than any one of us ever realized.

I just wanted to mention this in hopes of realizing we are not so “alone” and I don’t think we are any longer the minority.


@mbheart - Thank you for your input based on both personal and healthcare experience. I’ve always heard that SZ is only about 1% of the population in the U. S. but everyone I talk to knows someone who suffers from the disease. So, one day I set out to find where the 1% figure came from. After calling a number of mental health groups and speaking with the people at the NIMH in Bethesda, I was told that the bulk of their information for the 1% came from emergency room admissions. Well, here in FL, most of the mentally ill end up in Crisis Stabilization Units (CSUs) for a short time and then released - not necessarily going through emergency rooms. And, I don’t know if the CSUs report their numbers to anyone. Any insight on that? Thanks again for your input! :palm_tree:

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Far more common that people discuss or care to acknowledge

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As a middle school teacher (30+) years, I have also seen an increase in serious mental illness. One of my past students (he was 23 at the time) was shot and killed by the police during a psychotic episode. My own son was diagnosed at 16 (he is now 23) , it makes me really scared for his future. I just wish there were help for those people who suffer. It is so frustrating!


@Cher my biggest fear/worry causing an overwhelming amount of anxiety/depression is what will become of my son after I’m gone.

We can lay down the best foundation and groundwork for them while we are still here, but the thought of my son handling everything on his own is just too much and heartbreaking.

So many factors to consider, will they take their meds, will they go to doctor, will they be able to manage the bills, their apt/home, etc

Who will help them should they slip back into episode?

Will they be able to manage life?

Who will love them the way we do?

It’s overwhelming…


I share your feelings. I also have a daughter (his sister) she’s 3 years older than him. She knows that it will be up to her to be sure that he is in a facility that can care for him. By that time, hopefully, he will be stable and be in a permanent care facility. I still need to set up a special needs trust for him. It is definitely a worry, but I try to focus on the present. We can only do what we can do.

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