How to cope with the knowledge that my daughter will never be the same



I too have gone through this same thing. I still miss the son I use to know but I am learning everyday to accept and love the new son I have been given. You need to give yourself time to get through the grieving process. I have told many people that I had to grieve the lost of the son I knew before I was able to move forward. Now that I have accepted it I find it easier to deal with him and his illness everyday. We all want our children to grow up get married and have a family. My son does not want that at this time either. This does not mean that he or your daughter will get married and have a family in the future.

Believe me when I say there is light at the end of the tunnel.



15 20 25 30 35…


Yes, yes, and YES. Wonderful advice. :smile:



I wish I had been able to get her into treatment when this first started. I was so lost and scared but she was always refusing treatment. Now she has suffered for 6 years. She started treatment about a year after the onset but she was taking her made haphazardly. Now, I believe that a few months ago she became friends with a boy who did drugs and she got mixed up with that. Now her psyci has spiraled out of control. She I think we are on the other side of that now, but the damage is done. I’m just hoping to help her get back to how she was before the drugs. This is so hard.


This is just me and my head… I feel some of my problems when I was floridly psychotic were much easier to get past… Vs. the damage I did to myself doing drugs.

The psychosis let go much easier then the addiction. But it does let go… it’s hard work… but it does let go. I think I’m a better person now then who I used to be. Good luck and if your daughter is finally ready to get help… that is great news.

I’m rooting for you all. :v:


there is a man :man: who has a garden…in the middle of the lawn is a flower :sunflower: …the man loves seeing the flower…loves looking at it, it brings him much joy. :smiley:
the man’s next door neighbour has a garden and a lawn like his, but it is full of flowers :sunflower: :sunflower:
but the man is wise …and is grateful for the one flower in his lawn. :sunflower:
take care :alien:


A useful maxim (for me, anyway):

If I don’t take care of myself first,
I may not be able to take care of anyone else second.


It’s common for caregivers to feel upset and wish that they had theyre child back. My mom always is too hard on herself about the fact that im schizophrenic but she shouldnt be and neither should you