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My 2 youngest adult children have Schizophrenia

Yesterday I witnessed my daughter, my only daughter out of 4 boys; go through something a parent shouldn’t have to go through, especially when it rips your heart out. She is 23 1/2 years old. She has clinical depression as well. Over the weekend she was suicidal. In the ER I witnessed a symptom I haven’t witnessed up closed before, but I stayed strong for her. I love her dearly and we have a great bond. What triggered it was a relationship gone sour. She really hadn’t had any dates in her teens, but this young man was attentive and nice, however he wanted commitment and she wasn’t ready, so he dumped her. What threw her was after less than two weeks he was engaged and after a month they married. I could use a few names about the guy, but I won’t. Anyway, my daughter is now in a facility where she can be helped. The only place available yesterday was a lockdown facility. I don’t know much about it, accept I am just worried about how they will treat her. The other hospitals which I know are good, no beds were available so we were stuck with this one.
My youngest son who is 20 has it, but his symptoms were not as severe as I’ve seen my daughter’s. I’m not overwhelmed, I’m just in pain to see them go through this. I have severe clinical depression and I know what pain is so I’m quite sensitive to mental disorders. With good medical treatments and counseling, I know I will have my daughter and son back, but in the meantime it is hard.

Be strong
They are in the right place

Thank you. I needed reasurrance.

Look into ability maintana. Seems to be doing me good

I was locked up in hospital for 6 months. It was not a bad place to be. You get your meals every day. I had a psychologist, I did not like her though. I wanted to see my own psychologist instead but couldn’t until I was out of there. I was in a really bad shape so I don’t remember much from that time. But I felt safe somehow. There were people working days and nights. If I could not sleep or woke up there was always someone awake I could talk to.

my sister and i were both Schizophrenic as teens and adults.

I wish the best to you and your family.

now the youngest is alcoholic and having a 2 yrs long breakdown herself

i guess if it’s not started till their 20’s that is better for your other children.

I am sorry this is happening,

Locked wards are just even safer. No real problems, the staff: patient ratio is better

**Very sorry to hear about you daughter! This is very hard to watch when it is your children.
Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to come and talk. I know your daughter will be doing much better soon. **

I am schizophrenic and my sister who is two years older has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. We live with our parents and I do very well in academia, ironically I am working in psychological research, working on a thesis about stigma and schizophrenia. My sister has an accounting degree and works at a jewelry store, she’s taking the LSAT and is thinking about going to law school.

We both take medication, my sister just recently began medication. We have good days and bad days.

Our parents and maternal family are all very supportive.

We’re both hurt on a deep level but we learn to live despite our disorders. I have a traumatic past, my childhood had some really fucked up parts.

I am a recreational bodybuilder and I have lots going for me with the school stuff and a social life, I have a girlfriend and friends. My sister broke off an engagement a few months ago. My parents are both normal people but my mom has depression to a mild degree.

My sister and I are both quite bright, I am a bit brighter, for some reason schizophrenia made me smarter. That is absurd but it is true. My IQ went up ten points after two years of being schizophrenic. I’m just a very lucky unlucky person.

My sister has been hospitalized in the past and I’ve been arrested before. It’s a hard life but we mentally ill people can enjoy life just like everyone else despite our obstacles.

Every summer I find myself at an old friends house from high school. My high school friends are all upper class, I went to an international school. I always find myself there with my old “bros” smoking a cigar. It makes me remember that the hell I go through is not all that there is to life.

I like to live by the statement “living well is the best revenge”. Like a holocaust survivor driving a new Mercedes Benz. A schizophrenic studying psychology on an academic scholarship.

I can tell you that there is at least hope. It is like pandoras box; all of this fucked up shit and then hope at the very bottom.

I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. I’m so sorry this has struck your family but it does get better. When I was 13 I developed severe depression with spurts of psychosis. When I was 26 the depression went away and schizophrenia stepped in. Stress usually triggers it like it did in your daughter’s case. For the first two years I didn’t respond to meds so it was a constant nightmare. In 2012 I started ECT treatments and have received them until this past December. It gave me my life back. I started going to school online and this August will receive my BS in IT. I’m not all the way who I was before sz but I have a good life. I have a 3.98 GPA with school, an awesome boyfriend who I know I will marry when I get done school, and a very supportive Mother who I wouldn’t be the person I am today without. My point is that when you find the right treatment you can still excel and have a happy life. Your children will be ok. It may be very stressful at times and they will have to fight but there is life after a diagnosis. I would recommend looking up Elyn Saks on YouTube as she is a wonderful success story. Hang in there. :sun_with_face:

Thank you for the welcome and all your inputs and encouraging words. It helps to have found a support group and I’m glad I’ve found this group. I know it isn’t any, but I know we will be stronger by going through this so we can help and support others who going through the same thing. We can do this:-)