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Mother of an skitziphrenic adult daughter

I live in Washington State. My daughter was diagnosed 1.5 yr ago. She has reached zero for help. My husband has resorted to she will be with us for the rest of her life or ours. He has given up. My son and youngest daughter are 19 and feel they morned their sister when she was diagnosed. My son had a breakdown over her. He included she was the one who should of gone to college and done something good with her life. I feel lost and alone. My children want to help but need to focus on them. Help.

I am so sorry. So many of us have shared this disappointment. Things can get better, it takes some work.

Do you have a NAMI organization near you? They offer a class called Family to Family that would be helpful for you, your husband and your other children to attend. Many of us here on the forum have attended the classes.

Grieving for our “lost” family member is often the hardest part for all of us.


I know exactly what you’re saying about grieving a loved one who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I felt the same way for my brother for a long time.

I agree with @hope completely.
Seek help from NAMI.
Talk to a psychiatrist about your daughter if you can. Try to help your daughter by reassuring her that her disorder is not a definition of the kind of person she is, but rather that it’s a medical condition.
Encourage her to see a doctor if she will let you talk to her about it.
Take good care of yourself so that you will be able to take good care of your daughter.

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It’s been a while since being on here. Just wish there was a way for chat with live people. Instead of waiting for an response. Thanks you 2 appreciate the positive comments.

Hi @youncewendy and welcome back. How are things with you?

You can send a message to me if you want to chat. It is fine with me. I am in a similar position with an ill adult daughter at home, who will probably be with me the rest of my life.