How to deal with my boyfriend who is PS

I am in a relationship with a great person who happens to be paranoid schizophrenic. He is really a good guy as long as he stays on his meds. But there are days he just wants to be normal and he doesn’t take the medicine and I catch the brunt of all his anger, not physical just verbal. How can I get him to be comfortable enough with me?

By setting strict boundaries that have serious consequences if breached.
Do not allow him to verbally abuse you for any reason, but especially if it was by his choice ( of not taking his meds).

You will be teaching him that life is easier, and better, when he follows his pdocs advice, and takes his meds as prescribed.
It should become second nature to him that making you uncomfortable will only cause more problems.


Agreed. Paranoid schizophrenics are rarely violent but verbal is the beginnings of nasty things. IT’s not acceptable for normal people in relationships so you shouldn’t expect treatment like that!

Medications are the key to success for most folks…but even then they may experience symptoms like paranoia which can make for hard times. As with anyone be honest and as the previous poster suggests…set boundaries with your relationship…doesn’t matter who anyone is they shouldn’t treat you badly as you shouldn’t do to them!

A friend in the struggle,


**Agree with all the above information. Would also like to say that if he is just venting-ignore it. My son does this and he`s always yelling about his problems. Usually, if I just ignore him, he stops. This can get on your nerves after awhile also.
Again, do not take any abuse.
I would also just like to say that my son needs to learn more constructive ways to vent!