Need advice

Need advice my boyfriend who has been diagnosis of being schizophrenia since early childhood want to try living together again.i have been with him for over a year and the last time we lived together he had a psychotic break because of stress from his family. When he became very angry I tried to use a soft low tone as stated in research and I tried not saying anything thinking this would help. But weather I say anything or if I do in soft low voice it does not help if anyone can suggest what to do if he becomes like this because either way I tried did not seem to calm him down
Thank you

At times I had to walk away from my son. Nothing I said was helping and as long as I was there to vent on, he vented on me. So I would walk away. I figured he could have fun arguing with himself. Removing myself from the conversation seemed to calm him. If he started up again, I would walk away again. Except when he is in full blown psychosis, he can talk to me calmly or not at all. Even while my son was inpatient I would tell him that he couldn’t talk to me a certain way or I was leaving and he would stop. I didn’t believe that my son was incapable of controlling himself better then he was. Lashing out in anger is a choice.

I’m guessing things are still the same with his mom so this is something you will have to deal with every time he sees her. Wishing you all the best.

I have tried walking away but he will follow me and continue to yell. Maybe I will try going into the bathroom and see if that works if he does that again. The only time he starts this is when he has seen his mother. Since my last post we have sat down and talked about his behavior and he did see he was wrong. He still says he does not have schizophrenia and is not willing to talk to doctor about another medication. Right now he is only on 10mg of ziprexia and I personally feel either he needs something else or something along with it. He has no paranoia it’s delusions he suffers from but only goes through them after seeing his mother. I have been looking up on vitamins and minerals that may help if there added to the diet that is showing great improvement along with Meds thank you BarbieBF for the advice

On several occasions I had to leave the home because my son would not let up. Once I got asked: What about dinner? I replied: According to you, you’re an adult so figure it out. He was nice to me when I got back home :wink: