How to make my parents believe I don't have schizophrenia?


Let me explain what happened 3 years back. I was a foreigner sharing an apartment with a selfish American guy who didn’t like to share his stuff with me. I had dropped out of college and was living on the money sent by my parents from abroad. Sometimes when I ran out of money I ate his stuff and used his detergent. He got very pissed off because of this.
The apartment I was living in was near a lake so it was infested by mold and the water and the dryer were giving off a foul smell. I am very sensitive to strong smell and mold, but my roommate wasn’t. So I kept complaining abt this problem to the apartment complex management time and again. They didn’t do anything to resolve the issues and were also mad at me.
Then come my neighbours. My bedroom windows were tinted and facing the corridor. I had the blinds open during daytime to let the sunlight in while everyone else in the complex had them closed for whatever reason. Whenever anyone crossed my windows they used to frown at them because they didn’t like to be seen by me from inside.
So my neighbours were also angry on me for keeping the blinds open.
Everyone in the complex connived together and made a plan to send me out of the apartment by making my parents and relatives in the US believe I had schizophrenia. What my roommate did was he poured his detergent in the water pipes to make the water smell even worse. By showering in that water and drinking it my sensitivity to smell and sound increased a lot. Knowing that my sensitivity to sound had increased the management employed the service men to install cameras everywhere in my apartment and asked my upstairs neighbours to jump on their apartment floor following me wherever I
went. I couldn’t tolerate the noise and complained about this to my parents and relatives. Two of my relatives are doctors and they immediately asked me to move out of the apartment and go back to my home country thinking I had paranoid schizophrenia.
It’s been 3 years now and I am still being forced to take anti psychotics by my parents. Whatever explanation I give they simply refuse to believe me and say I had hallucinations that I was being monitored and if I stop the meds they will send me to a mental hospital. Kindly help me out of this situation. I don’t want to take anti psychotic drugs anymore.


Can you elaborate on how exactly the entire neighborhood conspired together to convince your family that you had schizophrenia? How did they contact your family?

Forgive me but it sounds to me very much like paranoia when you say things like the management got the upstairs neighbors to jump up and down on the floor.

No I’m not convinced that you aren’t suffering from some sort of paranoia. How is your family forcing you to take the medication? Is it on condition of something like you living with them or receiving money from them? I mean I’d love to be of help and I’m the last person in the world who would tell you your a “schizo” for experiencing something odd or even having unusual beliefs but what you posted sounds to me like a case of paranoia.


I have to agree with @mussel


**Well, are you of age to take charge of your own life? No one can force you to do anything unless you are underage. It would not matter what your parents thought. **


I’m 28 years old, but unemployed. So living with my parents.


I’m sure if you got a job and moved out to your own place, showed that you could function well that they’d reconsider their requirements.

The best way to show people that you’re functioning well is to get out there and do positive things in your life.

Lots of people here in these discussion forums work, and take medications and that works for them. But if you’re working and doing well I suspect that your parents and your doctor would probably work with you to test a phase out of medications.


Did you ever find those cameras management installed all over your apartment?

Did you call the police so they could identify who installed the cameras and who was viewing the footage? Since it’s highly illegal to install cameras in someone’s living space, that’s what a rational person would do - they would get proof and get authorities involved. You would have a case on your hands and every right to sue.

if your house-mate poured detergent in the water pipes - then he too would have been drinking and showering in contaminated water. That said, if you lived in a communal space that shares water (most apartments) - then he would have had to contaminate everyone’s water…which again, is illegal.


Being right all the time nearly killed me.


Sweetheart I will have to agree with everyone on this thread. Get a job, be responsible, show that you can function well independently and then ask for a second evaluation. However, be prepared for the truth, not for being absolved of a diagnosis. That’s not he way to go. Being SZ is not a sin, it’s ot a bad thing people say about you, it’s an ilnness.

I’ve spent a lot of years trying to convine everybody I didn’t have SZ even after I stole a boat and wondered off with it and could not explain why I did it. Unfortunately my dear, your story does sound like a paranoid delusion, most of the things you explained happened could not happen in reality - for instance your neighbours could not know where you were in order to jump up and down in the exact spot were you were, installing cameras in a living place is illegal, poisoing the water pipes would have affected the other neighbours as well. The foul smells you talked about sound like something a SZ experiences. Real people donn’t focus so much on other people so as to go such lenghts to eliminate someone from the building, they would’ve simply gotten you out of the appartment or something.

The trouble with us SZ is that we never evaluate our own state of conscience as being modified; we don’t realise , while in crisis, that we are in a crisis. We need soeone who we trust to tell us what is reality and what is not so hen we have a psychotic or paranoid attack we can know it from the person we trust and do things to help ourselves.

Please be responsible regarding your illness and try to understand it. If those who love you insist that you have it it might be the case. They don’t say it for other reasons but because they want you to become a healthier, more independent, more adapt individual. I wish someone would have told me that years ago, I wish I could have listened but I trusted no one and I lost 10 years of my life in a constant struggle to prove myslef sane instead of fighting for better, more achieved life under the conditions that my genetics and my upbringing bestowed on me. Please don’t do the same. It’s a waste of time and you will be sorry later, when real life will ask from you more than you have learned to do in the years of useless fighting with reality. It took me 10 yers, nearly killing my son in the womb and nearly divorcing my husband to realise I was focusing on the wrong thing.

Where are you from, dear? Why did you decide to drop out of college and what do you think prevents you right now from getting a job and being independent? More importantly who do yoou trust right now? Trust s a big issue with SZ, try to get someone sane and adapt to trust in and talk to them also about your plans to have your diagnosis re-evaluated. They might help you cope and understand what s happening to you as a clear head is needed in such situations. You have mentioned your illness, but we know nothing about you. You are not your illlness. You are an individual who can accomplish a lot, I promise.

Have a good one,



No, I couldn’t find the cameras. I went to the police in person and complained about this, but they didn’t take me seriously. They asked me to move out of the apartment.


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I’m sorry that you are going through what you are going through. As a parent I have seen how paranoia can affect my son. I know it’s hard however I think this paranoia is originating from within yourself. I don’t think that others are conspiring against you even though it feels that way.

Have you done any research on what the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia are? Perhaps take a look at this link and see if any of it may look like what your parents and doctors see.

Have you ever worked with your doctor with different types of anti-psychotics? Sometimes a different medication can help you with anxiety better. I know you don’t want to take them. Maybe you can keep trying so that you don’t have to continue to feel like this. Have you ever done any research on what anti-psychotics are trying to do? They are trying to regulate certain neurotransmitters. With my son I think that his brain produces too much dopamine and his medications help to regulate that. Like how insulin helps to regulate certain functions for someone with diabetes.

I think that your parents are trying to help you the best way that they know how to. It may not be the way that you want however sometimes parents have to do what they think is best even if their children don’t like it.


How did you know the cameras were there if you couldn’t find them? In the absence of proof, you must begin reflecting on whether or not this was all a delusion.


Your story is just like mine. It took 7 years for me to believe that I did have a problem. My mother was my pillar of support and she was very kind even though I refused to work. Please don’t stop the medication . I did and it set me back by 3 years.

Have faith.



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Thank you. I am 35 yrs old and now on minimal medication. It took me a long time and with my mother’s support I am functional now.

My message to all my friends here is that even though everything feels like its happening in our world , it is not. Now I’m able to feel that I’m not OK on certain days and I tell my mother.

Have faith.



Being honest, I would have punted you, too. Using someone else’s property without first receiving permission is very poor behaviour. You also sound like you are suffering from delusions. Basically, I believe you suffer from some sort of psychotic disorder, not to mention some anti-social adjustment issues based on what you have shared. While I’m not a doctor, I’d certainly recommend that you spent some time with one. You should probably continue with your treatment.



I think you should continue your meds and talk to your pdoc. Why do you not want them? Side effects or do you have voices telling you to not take them?

I think you should get a job and show everyone that you manage on your own. But don’t stop medication abruptly, it will throw you back into an episode.


Do you have support at home? Do you go out and meet people or are you home bound?

Don’t stop medication.

Have Faith