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Humor as a relief for caretakers

Comedian Doug Stanhope has a girlfriend who is bipolar schizo-effective and as a caretaker he involves mental illness in his comedy act. Everything is relative, I hope this is not offensive, but the broader question is- how do you cope with care taking for a paranoid schizophrenic loved one?


I’m not able to view this video?

Try searching “Doug Stanhope Mentally Ill vs. Mentally Challenged”

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Ok thanks I will you tube

I was not offended and I’m hoping to find the rest of it somewhere.

Here is another one:


Though I would only say people with schizophrenia…

My husband and I have to use humor to survive. All three of our sons have special needs. Two of them go to a private school for autism, and the one with MI is always getting in trouble for unusual behavior. The school district has a newsletter called “What’s Right with Spackenkill”. It is filled with kids doing amazing things. My husband and I make up our own version with the things our kids do “ingested part of a sponge, threw his shorts out the car window at a Wendy’s drive -thru, etc.”