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She did not like my taco casserole, lol

You have a nice calming voice.

When my ex was freaking out about his new living arrangement, and said “I can’t luve here”, I agreed with him. He was so taken aback by me not arguing the other side, he stopped talking (at least for a little while).


You strike such a nice balance - calm and relaxed and with enough perspective to find the humor in the situation.

Clearly your taco casserole has different effects on different people. That is really some casserole! :slightly_smiling_face:


What a lovely example of calm, supportive care. If we caregivers can’t maintain our sense of humor, we would be pretty dreary as caregivers. Thanks GSSP.

My very favorite times with my son after the scz took over, were those very rare moments in which we laughed together.

One morning, after the SWAT team had left our property after deciding to leave my son in his apartment - an event that might have been scarier for me than him as I had been the one standing out in our driveway with all the guns pointed at me from 20 feet away. My son called (barely 15 minutes later) and asked if he could use our computer’s printer inside our house (he needed to print a label for ebay). He led with “I realize this may be a bad time…”

I believe in humor, its good for us.


I second the importance of humor. I once consulted on a play that featured serious mental illness and caregivers, and tried to stress to the cast that along with poiniant and sad moments there are small moments of humor and joy. If you don’t depict them both, you do the community a disservice.

A friend of mine who works at a mental hospital often says, she wishes there was a realistic show about what goes on in mental wards, say on HBO or the like. It would better prepare people on what to expect, and show the broad range of emotion on display. Drama, heartbreak, absurdity and humor.

Thanks for posting this @GSSP!


You, @GSSP, should have a special place in heaven awaiting you someday. If everyone on this earth had your patience and sense of humor, the world would certainly be a better place.

I’m a novice to all of this. My husband does not yell or cuss at me or anyone else, at least not yet. Instead, he is troubled and talks to the voices that taunt and belittle him which he believes come from a government implanted chip in his body. He doesn’t lash out at anyone. Instead, the voices just beat him down and take him completely away from us sometimes.

Your clip was the first I had really heard of what others experience. Sense of humor or not, you caregivers are angels. I had no idea.


Informative, many years age April 2014, pretty intense, have some worse than this that dont end well, i will probably never share those, she has served time with the criminally insane (attempted murder knocked down to aggravated assault and battery)… here in this vid she is 5’10" tall at 145 lbs, formidable individual…

here ya go:

I maintain a full perimeter 6’ chain link fence with barbed wire, not keep people out lol, pic of gate: and of coarse 10 camera HD wireless surveillance LOL

[quote=“GSSP, post:8, topic:8475”]
I maintain a full perimeter 6’ chain link fence with barbed wire

@GSSP just wondering who cares for your wife when you go to work and go on vacation, is there a facility where respite is available?. @GSSP sorry your life is so difficult, however, your humour is wonderful, our MI journey is so debilitating for us and them.
Thankyou for sharing, you are very caring.

she can make a sandwich, boil an egg, go to bathroom, smoke two packs a day, listen to radio and she reads…
at work: nobody, on road trip: daughter and her BF, i can watch from anywhere, there are people I can call if required