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Husband has agreed to go talk to someone today. I hope they keep him

He fired his psych a couple weeks ago and quit taking his meds last month. He’s getting worse and I’m so worried about him, as he continually talks about wanting to die. He agreed to go to the local mental health hospital as a walk in to talk to a dr (he’s hoping that they will actually believe him and all of his stories and help him do something about them).

OMG - I hope I get a chance to talk to them also and they don’t just listen to him, cuz he’s still “with it” enuf to cover his butt and sound sane enuf to not be admitted involuntarily. I’m hoping his incessant “I’d be better off dead” and “I wish I was dead” ALL day long will assist in something and he doesn’t have to actually have threatened to kill himself or someone else. I worry about him everytime he leaves the house. I called the police a couple of weeks ago when he threatened to hurt himself and they sent 1 sherriff out and he talked his way out of it saying he was just “talking” and he woudn’t hurt himself. Cop made me feel stupid for even calling them.

I’m exhausted. There’s 5 people living here - Hubby, me, and 3 of my hubs voices (Jerry, John, and Annie - yes, they all have names and he yells at each of them all day long). I just want my husband back. 10 yrs ago, I married the greatest guy. Yes, I knew he was sick. He had been stable on Seroquel for about 10 yrs and u would NEVER know there was ANY thing wrong. Until about a year ago. I guess the meds stopped working. And it’s getting worse everyday. Thankful he’s agreed to talk to someone. I just hope he actually goes. He already says he’s not going in for inpatient treatment - he’s just going in to report his voices and get advice on how to stop them.

Do u think they’ll keep him?


Oh man, @Marfar77, I’m sorry. You hadn’t posted in a while, so I was hoping that perhaps things had moved in positive directions.

There are better people than I to advise you in terms of these sorts of specifics.

One piece of advice I have heard from others is that it is very important to keep a written record of the things he says or does that might help you convince the authorities that he needs treatment. This can help make it a little less of a “he said/she said” sort of situation.

Also, asking specifically for a mental health team when you call the police can be helpful, as they will have more training in these issues - and although they probably won’t be able to do anything if he is coherent and says he was just talking, they are less likely to make you feel stupid for having called because they will have a better understanding of what you and your husband are going through.

But others will be able to give better guidance.

I am really sorry you are still going through this.

In terms of, will they keep him? I’d say that unless they are able to persuade him to admit himself voluntarily, they won’t be able to admit him.

But it’s good that he has agreed to go and it’s good that he is wanting to get some assistance with how to stop his voices. Perhaps if he has a good enough experience, he’ll be willing to give something a try.