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I always thought


When I was younger I always thought that if I got Schizophrenia that I would be single and never want children, in fact I swore that if I ever got Schizophrenia that I would never have kids. Instead I’m getting married and wanting kids. Now I’m torn. I’m going to see my psychiatrist for the first time on the 17th. I’m still not sure if it’s fair to any child I have to risk them having this. I guess what I’m asking is: do you think it’s fair to have kids if you know you have Schizophrenia?


is your partner also schizophrenic? if not then the chance that your children will suffer the same fate as you is lesser and you could actually have normal children without a mental illness.


He doesn’t have schizophrenia but almost everyone on my father’s side has it.


if only your father has schizophrenia then you already are genetically 1/2 sz combined with 2/2 normal person your children will be 3/4 normal.


There are plenty of non-sz people out there who are terrible parents. The fact that you’re asking if you should have kids means that you are more conscientious than many people who have kids.


My heart goes out to you, what a difficult decision for you and your fiance to make. Kudos to you for already thinking of your childrens’ welfare first. I have read before that children of schizophrenics have a 10-13% risk of getting it themselves, but your family genetics don’t seem to follow the norm. You already have an advantage with your illness because if you have children and they develop it, you may recognize it much faster than a parent with no experience, and you already know what to do. Schizophrenics that are treated and med compliant can still lead happy, healthy lives. Good luck, and congratulations to you and your fiance on your engagement!


You have to trust your conscience. You may make a good parent but the question is do you want to risk bringing a child into the world who may have schizophrenia?


Once one has suffered from a strongly genetic disease, would they want to take the chance of passing it on to a child? My bipolar mother and father didn’t do me any real great favors, though my life has been both “good” and “bad.” But – though I had a son I didn’t plan on when I was much younger – I’d think long and hard about the matter now.


My doctor said today that if a person with sz wants to have children, that person should. The risk of “transmitting it” it’s not that high, and if you are in a good place in your life and you are capable of taking care of a human being besides yourself, go for it.